Haul: Cotton On

I haven’t bought anything from Cotton On in a while but one day I decided to go inside the store and browse. I saw this pair of jeans that looked like a good length and tried them on.

I was surprised by how comfortable the jeans are and how well it fit me. I am quite short and I have struggled finding a pair of jeans that is the perfect length. I usually have to fold the bottoms or get it hemmed. This pair of sporty jeans are great.

See below for further details.


The jeans were $15 which is a great bargain and the espadrilles were $5.


The jeans were the Aisha Sporty Jean and instead of having a zipper, it has an elasticated waistband and drawstring. The fabric is stretchy which makes it super comfy.


The bottom is a fitted leg and it has zippers on the ankles which I love. I got it in a AUS/NZ size 6 which and it fits me well and the length is perfect. I usually don’t go for this style of jeans but I just fell in love with it.

As for the shoes…


I just randomly found this pair of espadrilles on sale and for $5, I couldn’t resist. I think this will be good on casual days when I’m running errands.

I actually have a lookbook coming up of how I style the jeans and what I wear it with. Stay tuned!

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