Day Trip: Up North

During the Easter weekend, we had a spontaneous day trip. We went to Matakana, Pakiri Beach and Omaha which are a bit up north from where we live in Auckland.

We were lucky the weather was nice and sunny and it didn’t rain until the afternoon so we were able to spend some time at the beach.

See below for some photos I took of our little day trip.

First stop was Matakana. Matakana is known for its markets and wine. Its famous Farmers Market is usually on Saturdays but there is an Indie Market on Sundays.


The market was quite small but it had interesting items. Cool artwork, soy candles, jewellery and homewares.


I like Matakana Village. It might be a small town but it is nice.


It has good cafes and wineries.

After Matakana, we headed to Pakiri Beach. None of us have ever been there before and a few people from work have told me that it is a great beach. They weren’t lying.


It was a sunny day. It felt like summer though it is currently autumn in New Zealand. Pakiri Beach is a long stretch of white sand. It was beautiful.


The drive to Pakiri Beach wasn’t smooth though. If you’re planning on going there, you will have to go through narrow gravel roads. It was quite bumpy, dusty and a bit scary. However, it was worth the drive because you end up in this little paradise.

Our last stop was Omaha.


There were a few people at the beach since it was a nice day. However, there a grey cloud looming. We just walked along the beach and then drove back to home. We left at the right time too because it started raining on the drive back.


I like Omaha. I have an unforgettable experience last time I was there when we swam to a boat and followed the killer whales then I had to jump off the boat and swim back to shore. Best and worst experience. Haha


Anyway, that’s about it for our day trip. We didn’t do anything spectacular but it was a good day to explore.

I know this is different from my usual posts but I thought I’d share my experiences besides just fashion/beauty related stuff.

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