Review: L’Oreal Paris nail polish

I was sent this product by Beauty Review as a part of the trial team. It is the new L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis Shades of Grey Metallic Effects (what a name!) nail polish. The shade that I got is called Metallic Cuff which is a dark blue-grey colour. I think this colour is great for autumn/winter and I’ll wear it again this season.

See below for more photos and my review of it.


First of all, I have never tried a L’Oreal Paris nail polish before. I never paid attention to their nail polishes but when it arrived, I liked the size and simple packaging. The bottle is only 5ml which I like because it is small. I find normal nail polishes to be too big. Does anyone actually finish a whole bottle before it dries out? I haven’t. This little guy is quite the right size and it will be good to take in your bag when you’re away on holiday.

The brush is a good size too. It is not too skinny nor too fat and it covers enough space on the nail.

I tried the nail polish without any base coat and top coat just to really try out how it performs on its own.


It applies well and it also dries quickly. As the name suggests, it has a metallic effect. The texture is not smooth but it is also not as rough compared to sand effects nail polishes. I actually liked it and I ended up touching my nails often.

The finish is more of a velvet finish but you can always add a topcoat if you prefer it to be shiny.

Now, the lasting power is something I was disappointed about. Without a base and top coat, the nail polish only lasted 5 days on me before I had to remove it. It started chipping on day 3 but only the ends so my nails were still presentable. However, some of my nails on day 5 were badly chipped.

My tip is to use a base and top coat to make it last longer. Removing it wasn’t too much of an issue though. Removing the nail polish was in between removing a normal nail polish and glitter polish. It also didn’t stain my nails which was a plus.


Overall, I didn’t love this nail polish but I didn’t hate it. I believe the Shades of Grey line comes in 6 other shades which are perfect for this autumn/winter season. I will definitely give this nail polish another go. For $9.99, this nail polish is a quite cheap but since I have other favourite nail polish brands, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the other shades any time soon.

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