Casual OOTD


Just a quick outfit post for today featuring my new favourite pair of jeans which I showed in this haul.

I have been wearing these jeans so much and also this outfit combination. Yes, I am a serial outfit repeater and I think they go quite well together.

See below for further details.


‘Haute Couture’ shirt (Valleygirl) | Sporty Jeans (Cotton On) | White slip-ons (Kmart)


I love this white shirt. I think it makes a casual outfit more dressy. I quite like the gold lettering and contrast of the black branches.


These slip-ons are the most comfortable pair of flats I own at the moment. These have been in style for the last few months and I love this pair from Kmart. For something so inexpensive, it is super comfy and it’s great for every day wear. I’ve even worn it to work because I walk to/from the bus stop.


I’m not going to elaborate more on these jeans as I already did in my previous haul post but I love it. It is the Aisha Sporty Jean and last time I went to Cotton On, they were still on sale. They’re super comfy and easy to wear. I love it even more because it is a great length for our petite frame.

Here’s the outfit details all together:


Again, I’m featuring my sister in this outfit/lookbook post. I’ve ordered a tripod online and when that I arrive, I hope I manage to get some decent outfit photos by myself. Fingers crossed!

I’ll leave you with some outtake shots. This is my sister Joan everyone! Haha. Follow her on Instagram (joan_alyssa) because she is weird but awesome!


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