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In Full Bloom: Mother’s Day Gift Idea

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you’re running out of time and ideas on what to give mum, redeem yourself by getting her beautiful flowers!

My mum is a hard person to buy gifts for. She usually say “I don’t know” if we ask what she wants. However, I don’t think anyone out there would mind getting a wonderful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day or on any special day. I sure wouldn’t and flowers make me happy.

If you are after some beautifully arranged flowers delivered right to your doorstep, check out bloomista.

You won’t regret it.

bloomista is a new flower delivery service company that is like no other. From their website alone, you can tell the quality of products and service they offer.

They currently have a Mother’s Day collection and this is what you can expect:


The flowers are beautifully presented and arranged. This is the Winter Posy.


This is the Otaki which is a large bouquet of pretty pink roses.


I quite like how they have different photos of the products from close ups to someone holding them to get an idea of its size.


I think my favourite is Oratia though.


Now who wouldn’t want to receive any of these? They are so pretty, I want them in every room in our house. It will surely brighten anyone’s day.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 6.08.40 pm

So what makes bloomista different? They are probably the most high-tech flower delivery service in New Zealand. Their product photos are not misleading and are photographed by the award-winning photographer, Cathy Carter. They show at least 3 HD photographs so you truly know what you’re getting.

The price is quite competitive too. Their objective is to provide high quality but fairly priced products so more people are able to enjoy beautiful flowers in their home. Sounds good, right? They also use scented flowers as much as possible in their flower arrangements so people can enjoy them more.

There are three ways to order from them: website, Facebook shop and iPhone App. They are the only NZ flower delivery service that has an app too! Now ordering flowers just got easier.

flowers bloomista bouquet

It is free to download the app from iTunes and the App Store and you go through a quick step-by-step process. Now you have no excuse not to get mum flowers! 😉

To know more about them, also check out their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

This blog post has been sponsored by bloomista. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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