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Opshop Haul: Hospice

This is my third opshop haul on the blog and it definitely won’t be the last! I LOVE opshopping so much. It makes me happy when I find great pieces are bargain prices.

This is from my last opshopping trip and I visited my favourite Hospice North Shore shop.

See below for details.

haul dress thrifting thrifted opshopThe brand of this white dress is Passion Fusion which I’ve never heard of but I love the mesh detailing. It is revealing at the right places and it doesn’t show too much.

haul dress thrifted thrifting opshopThe mesh detailing is on the neckline, down the middle and the whole upper back of the dress.

haul thrifted thrifting opshop blazerThis is a Cotton On blazer. Most of my blazers are black and I’ve been wanting a bright coloured one to add to my collection. I think this will make an all black outfit pop. I love blazers with pockets too so I can walk around the office and have somewhere to put my phone and swipe card.

haul cardigan thrifted thrifting opshopI don’t buy clothes from Supre but this cardigan was cute and great for casual days. I love the colour and again, it has pockets.

I didn’t take a photo of the last item which is a red Merino v-neck long-sleeved shirt because I only intend on wearing it home to keep me warm. I buy my merino wool tops from opshops because they’re so much cheaper there.

Writing this post has made me want to go opshopping badly. I haven’t been for ages and I think I’m due for another opshop trip. The Hospice shops in the North Shore are my favourite. I used to volunteer there every week when I was a university student and I loved sorting out clothes in the warehouse and serving people in the shop. The proceeds go to a good cause and the people there are so lovely.

Have you tried opshopping? If so, where is your favourite place to go? Let me know down below.

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10 thoughts on “Opshop Haul: Hospice

  1. Bunny Eats Design says:

    I enjoy buying second hand but since I’m obsessed with pockets, I find it really great to shop online. I just type “pockets” into Trademe, ASOS etc. and the search spits out everything of interest. I think my obsession with pockets stems from the fact that I hate to carry a bag if I don’t have to so I fully approve of your purchases that come with pockets 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      I love anything with pockets! If dresses have pockets, I’m instantly sold on it. They’re amazing but women’s clothing usually don’t have pockets big enough to hold things. I love pockets on cardis/jackets because my hands easily get cold and I need to somewhere to keep them warm. 🙂


    • astylecollector says:

      I highly recommend it! It can be a hit and miss and sometimes I leave empty-handed but most of the time, I find great bargains. You are so right! It is cheaper, more sustainable and you’re helping a great cause. You can’t go wrong with opshopping and if later down the line, you don’t want the item any more, just donate it back. It may be a treasure for someone else. 🙂


  2. Rachel says:

    I looooove op shopping, I try to go at least every couple of weeks.. I went op shopping in the States (or thrift store shopping as they would say) and it was amazing. My favourite place to op shop here is probably the Salvation Army, they have the most reasonable prices and you’re donating to a good cause so it’s a win-win!

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    • astylecollector says:

      Lucky you Rachel! I would go crazy if I went opshopping in the US. I’ve seen some awesome thrift haul videos on Youtube and it’s so massive over there. I agree! It’s definitely a win-win situation. You can’t go wrong with opshopping!


  3. Samantha (@PlanetBakeLife) says:

    I love going to the Op Shops. I’m quite big so clothing doesn’t normally hit me in the face but I love going for the kitchen items. They have unusual and unique stuff that is perfect for blog props at a fraction of the cost.
    We also went to the Op Shop for a few items for our house when we moved in. We were looking for a very specific size couch and found one at the Salvation Army Furniture Store on Dominion Road. It was $120 delivered and fit our lounge perfectly! I also got a wooden bedside table with doors and compartments for $10. It’s slightly damaged on the one door but who cares?

    You got some lovely stuff!
    I’ll have to venture to the North Shore soon to have a nosey around 🙂

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    • astylecollector says:

      I’ve been opshopping since I was young. May mum loved it too even before we moved to NZ and I’m glad I’ve found some good opshops over here. I’m such a cheapskate so I find clothes over here are so expensive which is what made me go opshopping more plus you can find one of a kind pieces there. Opshopping for homewares is another thing! I’ve bought heaps since moving out last year and you can find almost anything in the opshops nowadays for great prices. That’s such a great service for your couch and tables! I didn’t know they deliver.

      Thank you! If you ever want to go opshopping in the North Shore, let me know and I’ll gladly come and show you my favourite places! 🙂


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