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Swatch: Maybelline Vivids

I have a lipstick swatch for today and I’ll be talking about the Maybelline NY Color Sensational Vivids Lipsticks. These were my first Maybelline lipsticks and as the name suggests, these shades are bright!

I have managed to collect 8 beautiful shades. See below for my review and lip swatches.

maybelline lipsticks makeup beauty cosmeticsMy collection ranges from orange, pink, red and purple. These are the shades I’m comfortable rocking and I have actually worn all of these out. They are quite bright but for me, the brighter, the better!

The packaging is standard for the lipsticks. They come in a silver casing with a bright orange lid. It does make it harder to determine the shades though so I store them upside down to see the bottom.

maybelline lipsticks makeup beauty cosmetics swatchThe names are quite true and I have two shades from each colour.

The formula of these lipsticks are creamy yet pigmented. From what I know, the formula has honey nectar that nourishes lips. They certainly didn’t dry out my lips. The finish isn’t matte and there is a bit of a sheen to it.

The shades I have are:

  • Hot Plum – Purplish Pink
  • Brazen Berry – A warmer toned purple
  • Pop of Cherry – Bright pinkish red
  • On Fire Red – A deep red and definitely a true red compared to Pop of Cherry
  • Shocking Coral – A pink with orange undertones
  • Vivid Rose – A darker and almost fuchsia pink
  • Vibrant Mandarin – A deeper orange coral shade
  • Electric Orange – A truer orange shade

I realised how hard it is to describe colours so bear with my description above. Here are my lip swatches:

maybelline lipsticks makeup beauty cosmetics lip swatchmaybelline lipsticks makeup beauty cosmetics lip swatchHaving the lip swatches side by side, you can tell there are slight differences in colour. You probably don’t need all these shades as some are quite similar but I like them all.

It is not as long-wearing as a matte finish would be and if I have one tip, exfoliate your lips beforehand as you it can cling to the lines of your lips. It’s not that noticeable but if you want a more flawless lipstick look, exfoliate and wear a lip liner underneath.

My favourite shades are Hot Plum and Vivid Rose. They’re my go-to shades in this collection.

I got mine on sale for around $10 but I believe they are $19.99 from Farmers. You can also get these from The Warehouse, Kmart and Countdown. They also came out with the Color Sensational Bold Matte collection and I’ve been wanting to try them since. I’ll get my hands on them eventually. For now, these will do and I’m pretty happy with them.

if you’ve tried other shades from the collection, let me know what you think.

Bonus: I’ve unearthed this from my Tumblr archives so here’s me wearing Brazen Berry:

maybelline brazen berryThis was taken a while ago and I’ve moved houses twice since then. I still have this top though!

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14 thoughts on “Swatch: Maybelline Vivids

  1. 83Arnulfo says:

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    • astylecollector says:

      I’m not sure the matte range is part of the Vivids range. They have a different coloured packaging too. I think they’re called Bold Mattes or something like that and yes, I’ve seen them around Farmers. I just haven’t bought them because I never like paying full price! Haha


    • astylecollector says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m not a big fan of just arm swatches so lip swatches are my preferred option. I also tried swatching lipsticks on my arms and it did not look good/hard to photograph. I’ll stick with these for next time.


  2. melissalosesit says:

    I’m a lover of bold lippy’s too! I had to comment because my two fave shades out of your swatches are the two I would pick. This is a great post about one of my fave things 💕💄

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Thanks Melissa! I’m glad you like my post. I’m a big lover of lipsticks and as I said, the brighter, the better and these delivered. They’re all quite wearable too.
      Watch out for my upcoming lip swatches, I have some brighter shades coming up from Topshop 😉


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