Coocup auckland restaurant food

Food: CooCup

On the day we watched Singin’ in the Rain, my sister and I met up in town and needed lunch. She recommended this place CooCup. It is a little food place across the Auckland Library and Auckland Art Gallery. I wouldn’t have known it if she hasn’t told me.

This place is super affordable and has great interior. I think this is perfect for uni students and I wish this was open when I was at studying at university as it is close by.

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Coocup auckland restaurant foodCooCup has a tiny space but they have utilised the space quite well. The decor and design of the inside is very ‘instagrammable’. It has a bookshelf with knickknacks by the entrance.

Coocup auckland restaurant food

We were the only ones there on that rainy Saturday so I was able to take lots of photos.

Coocup auckland restaurant foodThey have a sauce bar too so you can add whatever you want to your dishes. The menu is also up on the board.

Coocup auckland restaurant foodThe menu is mostly Asian dishes but there are pasta dishes too such as spaghetti and carbonara.

There are two options on how you can get your food. Either in a cup or in a box. The cup has two sizes while the box has three. My sister and I were hungry so we both got a large.

Coocup auckland restaurant food chicken katsuI got the Chicken Katsu. The large was only $11.80 and this was massive. It came with rice and salad in a huge box. It was nice and tasty. It was definitely great value for money.

Coocup auckland restaurant food karage chickenMy sister got the Karage Chicken. She liked it too. It was good but unfortunately was too spicy for me because I can’t handle spicy food. This was $11.50.

I’ve heard this place is a hit with university students and I don’t blame them. If this was around when I was at uni, I would’ve tried everything on the menu. The food is so cheap but you get so much and it is still good food. It definitely beats fast food.

This is probably very busy during the week but on weekends, you’ll be able to enjoy the interior more.

Coocup auckland restaurant foodIt is nice and clean and the light fixtures are cool.

Coocup auckland restaurant food

If you’re after a nice cheap meal, try CooCup. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The servings are quite generous, the staff were nice and the price is budget-friendly. There was also a sign that they have been rated in Metro Cheap Eats in 2014 too and I know why.

I love that affordable places like this has come out in Auckland. Back in my uni days we didn’t have as many options and I either brought food from home or had sushi. Nowadays, there are so many good food places around.

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6 thoughts on “Food: CooCup

    • astylecollector says:

      I’m actually here right now! It’s right across the library which I need to be at in half an hour for the bloggers network meet. It was an easy choice! Cheap but good food. Service is nice too. Definitely check it out when you’re back. 🙂

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    • astylecollector says:

      It definitely is. It’s a tiny place but well-designed. It was just great that it was a rainy Saturday and we were the only ones there. Oh the chicken katsu was good! It’s one of their top 3. I recommend it. 🙂

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