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New in: Accessories

Just a quick post for tonight of some fashion accessories I’ve picked up in the past month or so. I’ve mostly been buying beauty products so this is a small haul.

The boots above are my current favourite pair and I’ve also picked up some necklaces.

Check them out in detail below.

heels shoes ankle boots cotton on winter fashion style haulThis is the Arlo Cut Out Heeled Ankle Boots from Cotton On. They don’t have this exact colour on the website any more and I got this on sale in the Queen St store. I guess they were on the sale section because the colour is quite unusual and people would prefer the black, brown or nude pairs more. They were $20 so I couldn’t resist!

Like I said above, this pair are my absolute favourite boots at the moment. I wear them almost every single day to work. They have become my footwear and would choose outfits based on them. They don’t hurt my feet after more than 8 hours of wear and I walk to/from my bus stop and an uphill walkway to my building in town. These are amazingly comfy. My feet is a 6 and a half and I got a 7 (size 6 was too small) so I had to put in soles to make them fit perfectly. I only ever wear them with tights and not socks so I wanted a snug fit.

I love that it has a zip at the back so I can easily put them on and take them off. I also like the gold hardware on the buckles. The only downside to this pair is how loud it is when I walk. The buckles jingle when I walk and make a whistling sound sometimes but besides that, I love them to death. With how often I’m wearing them, they’re most likely going to die by the end of this winter season too.

Enough about the boots, I also got necklaces:

necklaces haul necklace accessories fashion jewelryFarmers had a half price sale on their jewellery so I picked up these two. I never really go to the jewellery section in Farmers but this time I did and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection. I think they ended up to be $5-7 each.

I like the simplicity of the white necklace on the left. It’s also good to wear with some of my collared shirts.

I’m also a big fan of statement necklaces and the pink one on the right was too pretty to pass up. I think this will liven a plain black dress or white shirt. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have a perfect shade of lipstick in this colour too.

Sorry I rambled on above. This post is not sponsored at all. I just love that pair of boots so much! I hope you like this quick haul and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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9 thoughts on “New in: Accessories

      • astylecollector says:

        I’m madly in love with the boots above. I’m not kidding when I say I wear it almost every single day and I can’t believe I got it for such a bargain!

        No worries! I hate making typos after I send something too but I make so many mistakes now if I’m typing on my phone. It pisses me off when some of my tweets have typos and I can’t edit them but I don’t want to delete them either. Gah. Haha

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