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Thrift Haul: Recycle Boutique

Following up from my Thrifting/Opshopping Tips post is another haul. I think this is my favourite thrift haul from Recycle Boutique so far because the dress above is absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe I found it.

I got a few other things that I also love so if you want to see more, please check it out below. The other dress I got has also been a favourite and I’ve worn it a few times already.

thrift haul thrifted thrifting thrifthaul dress skirts opshoppingThis is my full haul from a Recycle Boutique trip a few weeks ago. I was with my sister at the time and even she was impressed I found the two dresses. I love them.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping lace tulleSo this is the amazing dress I found for only $18. Does this look like it’s worth that? NO. This is so beautiful and well-made that I was absolutely thrilled when it fitted me. This dress has no brand tag so I don’t know where it’s from but from the feel and weight of this dress, it’s a quality find.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping lace tulleI love dresses with collars. It’s obvious from this haul but this dress is unique to me because there are two layers for the collar. The bottom layer is gold leather with gold tip accent and on top os a chiffon material. I love the contrast and dimension it adds to the whole dress.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping lace tulleAnd then you get to the bottom of the dress which is so delicate and pretty. It has a layer of tulle with this gold embroidery. I love it. It puts a nice spin to your little black dress. I can’t wait to get an opportunity to wear it.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping collared dressNext dress is this collared contrast dress. The brand is O.F.B. which I’ve never heard before but it says on the tag that it’s made in Korea. I also love this and I’ve worn it work and out and about. The sleeves a few inches long so I wear this with the sleeves folded.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping collared dressAgain, the collar of this dress is slightly different with the double layers. I love wearing a necklace underneath it.

thrifted topshop floral lace skirtNow we move on to the skirts. This one is a Topshop floral skirt with lace underneath. I think I got this for $12.

thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping skirtSince my usual outfit nowadays are tights + boots, I’ve been searching for skirts to wear with them. I’ve been obsessed with stripes and I couldn’t resist this one. Stripes are a classic and will never go out of style. I think this skirt could be paired with so many tops.

Lastly, I wanted to include another dress I got from Recycle Boutique before I got the clothes above.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping dressThis a bright blue strappy Lippy dress that I got for $4.50. Yup, I got it for that much. Recycle Boutique has a $4.50 rack every week and sometimes I score some gems in there. This is definitely one of them.

dress thrifted thrifting thrift haul opshopping dressIt has multiple straps and has an open back. This isn’t a dress I would usually pick up but for the price, how could I not?! I love that the front is simple. The phrase “business in the front, party in the back” comes to mind. Haha.


I wore it to a friend’s 21st last month and I loved my outfit. I paired it with a Karen Walker critter belt and my comfy Warehouse wedges.

I hope you liked this haul. I have been really lucky with opshopping/thrifting lately. I will share my favourite op shops very soon too so watch out for that.

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12 thoughts on “Thrift Haul: Recycle Boutique

  1. Trish says:

    Hi there fellow thrifter. I am absolutely in love with that embroidered dress and I couldn’t help figuring out its brand so I did a research. Apparently, it doesn’t belong to any one brand, but it was sold by multiple sites. I’m guessing it may be a mass produced line from overseas like a lot of clothing shipped from China in ebay. I’ve bought plenty of clothes that are Korean styled, but none had tags on them. It is sold for $50 though on another site, Wheretogetit.com. I may buy that dress for myself too, even at $50, it’s worth it.


    • astylecollector says:

      I know right. This opshop had more branded stuff which are more expensive and I guess because this one didn’t have a tag to know which brand it is they couldn’t put the price up. Not gonna complain though because it is so cheap!

      Liked by 1 person

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