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Haul: Valleygirl

This a bit overdue but I have been loving Valleygirl lately. They have great sales on and they have good basics. I’ve actually bought more than what is shown above so see below for details.

valleygirl haul clothes fashionFirst up is this knitted top. I was in Topshop before Valleygirl and I saw a top similar to this but more expensive. The line for the fitting room was too long in Topshop so I left empty-handed and ended up in Valleygirl instead. Saw this and picked it up. I think it was only $10 too.

valleygirl haul clothes fashionI love stripes and I quite like the fit of this cropped shirt. It’s like an in between crop top and a normal shirt. Stripes are classic and will not go out of style.

valleygirl haul clothes fashionThese two are just basic long t-shirts. I like the length of them because they can be worn with leggings and they cover enough.

valleygirl haul clothes fashionI love this knitted shirt so much. I bought the orange colour too. It’s soft and comfy to wear. I wore this to the #brunchclub event and I’ve posted my whole outfit here. I like to pair it with the skirt below.

valleygirl haul clothes fashionThis skirt is great both with tucked in shirts or shirts over it. I’ve shown it in the Band Tees OOTD. It’s so easy to pair with anything and it’s not a skater skirt that can be easily blown up by the wind either.

valleygirl haul clothes fashionI also got this shirt at a different time and I love the collar. I love shirts with collar detailing because it makes a plain shirt more interesting and dressed up in my opinion.

valleygirl haul clothes fashion collarIt has this jewelled detail by the collar tips which makes it look fancy and this it’s cute. I think with the black and white details, this would even look good paired with the skirt above. I’ve actually used this top for my Wednesday Addams costume for my work party last Friday. It worked out pretty well.

I’m not an expensive shopper when it comes to clothes so Valleygirl has definitely been one of my go-to shops. Don’t expect high quality items but I find their designs similar to Topshop, Glassons and Cotton On anyway but for a much cheaper price.

I hope you enjoyed this clothes haul! It’s not too interesting but I got some pretty good basic pieces.

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4 thoughts on “Haul: Valleygirl

  1. Maggie says:

    I do quite like shopping at Valleygirl at times, in fact I have a shirt that I want that I have my eye on… hoping it’ll be on sale soon ! 😛

    I think that it’s how you treat clothes – most of mine are lower end brands but they’re still in pretty good shape all these years!


    • astylecollector says:

      I like Valleygirl because it’s super cheap. Quality isn’t the best but I don’t mind it for basic tees or shirts. That shirt should be on sale soon. They always do. 🙂
      Mine too. I’m a cheap skate so most of my clothes are either bought on sale or thrifted/op shopped. It’s how you style it.

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