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Winter Fashion Essentials

Here in New Zealand, we’re gearing towards the middle of winter. We’ve had some pretty cold days so this brings my winter fashion essentials. These are my must have items this winter season. Without these, I will be freezing cold. I get cold quite easily so anything that will keep me warm while being semi-fashionable is great.

This post is another one for #BlogGreatness as it fits this week’s theme. Check out the others who have posted about winter here.

To see my my winter essentials, click below.

winter fashion jacket hooded blazerThis hooded blazer is from Aliexpress. I think this was the first item of clothing I got there. I got it really cheap so I wasn’t expecting great quality but I was actually surprised. The hood part is removable. I find this quite warm too and it looks better than other hooded jackets.

winter fashion haul coat thriftedSecond one is a coat. I’m in the lookout for a warmer coat but I have been wearing this to death. I like how versatile this is and can be dressed up or down. The buttons are now a different colour but I still love this. This was actually thrifted a year or so ago.

winter fashion haul high neck collar topFor basics, these high neck collar long-sleeve tops are great. They’re so warm and good for layering. I got these two from Valleygirl. As I said in my last Valleygirl haul, they have some pretty decent and cheap basics right now.

haul tights stockings winter fashionThis doesn’t look exciting but I wasn’t lying when I said my number 1 go-to winter fashion essential are tights (check out my Stockings & Tights OOTD). I counted 11 pairs of black tights. I wear them almost every day to work so I need a good selection. I have a pair of wool tights which are thick and warm and I alternate between 50, 70 and 120 denier.

I also love leggings but I don’t wear them as much as tights on an every day basis. I have around 8 pairs of black leggings mostly from Kmart (they’re around $7) and a few printed or pattern leggings.

winter fashion sweater wool jumper asos thriftedI can’t not have any knitted sweaters in winter. I have quite a few but I love these two. The polka dots on the left is a Country Road wool sweater which I thrifted. It is cropped now because my sister shrunk it in the wash but l love it too much to part with it. Thankfully I can still wear it and it’s good to pair with skirts. The one on the right is a navy blue knit sweater from Asos. I love the bright yellow lining on the sleeves.

scarvesScarves are also a must. I don’t have a lot of scarves because I used to just borrow my sister’s. The printed one on the left was thrifted and the fluffy infinity black scarf is from Asos.

winter fashion gloves haulI need this pair of touch-screen gloves every morning when I walk to my bus stop. I got this from Daiso. I like how I can still use my phone with this. However, it is so hard to text and I make so much typos when I use it. It keeps my hands warm though which is more important.

winter fashion boots shoes heelsSince I wear tights a lot, I need boots to keep my feet warm. I’ve bought four pairs of boots this year already. I haven’t been lucky finding the perfect pair yet that I’m willing to splurge on so I got four pairs of inexpensive boots. You would have seen these before.

The top left is my Rubi cut-out boots, top right and bottom left are both from The Warehouse (shown both in this winter wardrobe haul) and the bottom right are from Kmart which you would see worn in this OOTD post.

winter fashion haul puffer jacketI wasn’t going to include this but winter will not be the same without my puffer jacket. This may not be the most fashionable jacket but it is the warmest. On those days when it was 3 degrees outside, I had to wear this to survive. I got it from Macpac while I was a uni student. I know the Kathmandu ones are really popular but I didn’t feel the need to spend $$$ on one. This was much cheaper and came in a size 6 which was great because it didn’t look ridiculously big on me.

So those are my winter fashion essentials. What are your must have winter items? Let me know down below.

Stay warm everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Essentials

    • astylecollector says:

      I know right. I have way too much but they’re all different thickness which I need depending on the weather/temperature. I get cold so easily so tights are my favourite thing to wear when its fall/winter so I can still wear my dresses and skirts. I prefer them over pants. So you don’t wear tights at all? What about leggings?


      • lennielaw says:

        Woah! Fair call tho- they are a great essential really! I do wear tights when I need to- last week in Queenstown was a must and I didn’t find them too bad- I got new ones from Glassons and they are actually the perfect fit! But mostly I wore them so people wouldn’t ask “aren’t you cold?” as I think I could have gone without them! I have one pair of leggings 😛 but I ❤ them

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