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Daiso Haul

This is a slightly different haul because it’s an assortment of things. I love Daiso which is sort of the Japanese dollar store where things are 3 for $10. I call it my wasteland because I can waste so much time just looking at everything in there. I can spend hours. They have so many cute stuff. I also feel like Japanese stuff are better quality than the other Asian stores.

This haul is a mixture of beauty and stationery. I haven’t posted about stationery on my blog before but I also love it. I can’t resist cute notebooks and pens!

I also got a few other things not in the photo above so if you want to see them, click below.

haul daiso floral pens notebookStarting off with stationery, I got this floral notebook and gel pens. This notebook is for my blog. I write my blog ideas in here and some blog planning. I love how bright it is and the paper is also good quality. The notebook itself has a plastic cover so it’s more protected if I accidentally spill something.

haul daiso floral pens As for these gel pens, I love them. They write well and thin which I like and they were cute! The top of the lid has rhinestones. I feel like Elle Woods will definitely approve of these pens. Haha

daiso brush cleanerI think a few people has posted about this makeup brush cleaner from Daiso. It is amazing and I swear by this at the moment. It cleans my beauty blender and brushes so well.  I wish this came in a bigger bottle. I kinda hoard this because it’s awesome.

daisolipstickI thought I’d try their lipsticks. This was a last minute decision because I needed another product to avail the 3 for $10 deal. The packaging was pretty.

haul daiso lipstick makeup cosmeticsThis lipstick doesn’t have a name but it is number 1. There were a few shades. This is a creamy glossy lipstick and I’m glad I chose a more natural shade. This is a lipstick I’ll keep in my work desk in case I feel like adding colour to my lips. I usually just use lip balm at work.

haul daiso hair hair ties elastics eyebrowsI also got these two. I’ve had comments about my wavy hair in real life and my secret is twirling it before bed and tying the sections off with elastics. It’s hard to explain but in the morning when I remove it, I end up with a natural looking wavy hair. I don’t even have to use a brush or curling iron. It’s my lazy trick I learnt from my sister. What you see in this photo is the type of wave I can achieve without any heat-styling tools.

I have thick, bushy eyebrows which needs a bit of maintenance so I also got the razors.

daiso touch screen glovesLastly I got these touch-screen gloves which I already featured in my Winter Fashion Essentials post.

This is a bit of a random haul but I wanted to share the awesomeness of Daiso. You can find almost anything in there. It can be quite overwhelming though but the one I go to in the city (close to Giapo and Events Cinemas) was just redone so it’s organised.

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