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Winter Wellness Tips

Thanks to the lovely ladies on Beauty Review, I found out about Hardy’s Health Store’s Winter Wellness Pack. I signed up for it and what I didn’t expect to see inside are the beautiful prints of their Top 10 Winter Wellness Tips. I was seriously impressed. The tip cards look like something you can find on Pinterest.

If you want to see what is inside the pack and more about the tips, click below.

hardy's winter tips prints artHere are all the winter tip cards. Aren’t they pretty? I will show each one in detail at the end of this post.

I was happy just to get the pretty tip cards for free but the pack also came with other goodies.

hardy's winter wellness packThese were everything in my pack. I picked mine up from the Hardy’s Health Store in downtown mall.

hardy's winter wellness pack tissues hand sanitiserThe most useful items in the pack are the tissues and sanitisers. I always have a small pack of tissues in my bag because you never know when you’ll need it. I like how the hand sanitisers are in a pen shape. It’s small and handy so it will be great in your bag too.

hardy's winter wellness pack omega-3 siberian ginsengI was surprised to get a bottle of the Microgenics Siberian Ginseng for Stress & Energy too. This seems like the full size bottle you can purchase. I haven’t tried this before but I have taken some stress pills back when I was a University student to cope with assignments and exams.

The other items in the pack are U-Cubes which are gummy vitamins for children and some vouchers.

For a free pack, I didn’t expect to get a lot especially not a full size bottle of supplements. If you want to get your hands on a free Winter Wellness Pack, register here.

Back onto the winter wellness tips, here are some close ups of the tip cards/prints. These are mainly the reason why I wanted to blog about it. They are too pretty not to!

The tip cards also have more information at the back like recipes and advice.

hardy's winter tips prints art

1. Get your B’s – You can get Vitamin B through lean meat, dark leafy greens and whole grains.
2. Goodbye Sugar – Reduce sugar intake. This is probably the hardest for me because I have such a sweet tooth and I just ate a Kit Kat before.

hardy's winter tips prints art

3. Take Probiotics – I actually do take probiotics and I try to remember to take it every day.
4. Take a break – This is the one I am most down with. We all need to have a break and mine is a variety of things such as baking, reading, colouring, going for walks, doing anti-gravity yoga or even just watching Youtube videos.

hardy's winter tips prints art wellness

5. Nourish your body – this one I really need to improve on. I don’t eat as much junk food but I don’t eat a lot of vegetables either.
6. Cut the caffeine – I only drink coffee once a week or even once every two weeks so it’s not a big part of my life. I drink more tea now.

hardy's winter tips prints art wellness

7. Enjoy antioxidants – I know I need to up my fruit intake too. The only ones I ever eat are bananas, mandarins and grapes. I only have berries when I make smoothies.
8. Make Echinacea a go-to – I have heard of Echinacea but I haven’t tried it.

hardy's winter tips prints art wellness

9. Get your Vitamin C – I didn’t know broccoli has high Vit C. I hate broccoli though!
10. Learn to love Eucalyptus – I like the smell of it and I think I might pick up a bottle of Eucalyptus oil and have it in an oil burner.

I know this is a random post. The pack is free and you get some pretty cool stuff in it so it might be worth picking up. Well done to Hardy’s Health Stores for coming up with it and even having wonderfully done tip cards. I love the pastel colours and illustrations.

I think you can get only it in July. The items in each pack may vary too. I’m not entirely sure though because this isn’t sponsored by Hardy’s at all. I was just impressed with it and wanted to share in case any of you are interested or are wondering if you should grab one or not.

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