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OOTD: Valleygirl Pieces

This outfit was taken before my proper tripod which is why it was taken inside our house. I also wore this outfit to the May BrunchClub at LOOP (minus the hat).

To see my full outfit details, click below.

I’ve worn this outfit more during autumn and unfortunately it is too cold now. With a warm coat, this is still possible though. The hate is from Vonzipper which also appeared in this Contrast Dress OOTD.

ootd valleygirl knit outfit fashionI like this knit top from Valleygirl. I also have this in an light orange colour.

ootd valleygirl outfit skirtThis skirt is also from Valleygirl and I’ve they both appeared in my Valleygirl haul. As I said in that haul, this skirt is great to pair with tops over it or tucked in. It’s a versatile piece.

rings jewellery ootd outfit fashionAs for jewellery, I kept it silver. The watch is from Pascoes and the bracelet is Swarovski Stardust.

The rings are: Bow ring from Stolen Girlfriends Club, Arrow ring from Lovisa, Floral wreath and Daisy ring from Karen Walker.

I haven’t posted much about my jewellery here on the blog but I am also a collector of it. I love rings and got a bit obsessed with Karen Walker jewellery. I have a few more from her collection.

My nail polish is Topshop Nails in xx.

cotton on boots ankle boots heels shoesYou would have seen these boots before but they are the Nadira Ankle Boots from The Warehouse.

I hope you liked this quick OOTD post. I can’t wait when the cold weather eases up a bit so I can wear this outfit again. For now, it’s all about keeping warm by layering up covering as much as I can!

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11 thoughts on “OOTD: Valleygirl Pieces

    • astylecollector says:

      I think Karen Walker is one of the best one affordable delicate rings but I know Meadowlark have their own stacker rings for around $99. Stolen Girlfriends Club also does them for $89. Their small bow ring is really cute if I didn’t have the big bow ring already, I would get it. Those are the two other NZ brands that I know of. 🙂


  1. Maggie says:

    I love simple outfits like these! Winter is my most despised month – means I can’t wear any cute outfits lol.

    Ah – I love collecting rings and jewellery too. Had a bit of a little phase of constantly buying rings and actually just recently Lovisa had 8 pieces for $13…! Obviously needed to make the most of that special!

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Thank you! I hate the cold! I like the in between seasons because it’s not too cold and not too warm but at the moment it’s freezing 😦
      I had a really obsessed phase when I bought so many rings. They were mostly Karen Walker ones too. Haha.
      There is no Lovisa in North Shore and I’ve only bought something from the brand when we went to Tauranga. That sounds like a good deal!


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