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Food: Federal Delicatessen

If you live in Auckland and haven’t heard of this place, you may want to check it out. Federal Delicatessen is in front of SkyCity and besides another famous food place, Depot Eatery.

I’ve been here a couple of times and the last was for a late lunch with my sister after we watched the Aloha movie in Gold Class. Thanks BloggersClub!

See below for more photos of this food place and of course, the lovely food.

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli foodI love the little details inside this restaurant. I don’t know if I should call a restaurant or not because it’s designed to look like an American diner.

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli foodI didn’t take a photo of the servers but even their uniforms resemble the American diner theme. I love the decor in this place. You can opt to sit in front of the kitchen to see the chefs in action.

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli foodOr you can be more private in one of their booths. I love the booths. It has a hook at the end for your jackets and the seats are comfy with a cool light on the wall.

 Now for the food:

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli foodThe menu follows the American diner theme. My sister got the Chicken Salad Sandwich which I’ve had the first time we went here. We both liked it but it was hard to finish. The chicken salad filling is thick but it is really good and tasty.

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli food hotdogI opted for the Street Dog which is a NYC-style hot dog with cart relish. This was good and definitely fulfilled my hot dog cravings.

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli food poutineThis Montreal Poutine is a popular choice. It is fries with cheese curd and gravy. The combination doesn’t sound great but as it says on their menu, trust them on this one. You can order a small or large serving and the one above is the small size. There were only two of us and we struggled to finish all of it.

Federal Delicatessen auckland restaurant deli food banoffee pieI still had room for dessert so I got the Banoffee Pie. Who am I kidding though, I always have room for dessert. If there are more than two of you, I recommend getting the 3-Way Combo which is a choice of three of their dessert pies: this Banoffie Pie, NY Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie. We knew we couldn’t finish that so I only got one.

This was a great choice because it wasn’t as heavy. I love the caramel popcorn with it. There was a good balance of the crust, bananas and cream on top. It was a nice end to our meal and I really enjoyed this.

If you haven’t tried this place, I recommend you do. They’re open from 7am til late and they have a breakfast menu too and bottomless coffee. I do know they get quite busy since it’s a popular place but it’s worth going to. I think the prices are reasonably and the service is excellent.

I hope you like my food posts here on my blog. I’m not a food expert but I am a foodie that likes to share the places I’ve tried.

I have also been reviewing up a storm in Zomato. You can see more of my reviews over there and you can also set up your own profile to start reviewing places.

Federal Delicatessen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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9 thoughts on “Food: Federal Delicatessen

  1. Little Misadventures says:

    Ooooh, poutine! I’ve heard so many things (good and bad) about it! I’ve been dying to try it for myself! 😀 Also, banoffee pie? YUM. That is 10000% my favourite dessert. I would be 100% okay if I had to live on banoffee pie for the rest of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Yes, definitely check it out. If you love coffee, they do bottomless coffee too. The poutine is good, not fantastic but good enough for me since I haven’t tried the real deal in the US. The desserts are better though compared to the main meals.


  2. Rina (@snowrii) says:

    When I went there (last year or the year before?) I also ordered a poutine. Having studied in Toronto for a semester, poutines are my absolute weakness. It was rather disappointing that the cheese curds hardly melted for at all, and it looks like it didn’t do it for you either.

    I’m still on the hunt for good poutine in Auckland. Al’s Deli is pretty average too 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      Lucky you’ve tried the real deal! I’m sure it’s way better over there. This is the only place I know that does poutine and I do like it. It’s not fantastic but it’s not bad. I do wish the cheese curds are smaller bits though thank chunks. The dessert was better and I’d go back for this.


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