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Rubi and Typo Haul

These heels have finally made it into the blog! I have been wanting a pair of nude heels in so long but I couldn’t find the right pair for a good price. I saw these while randomly browsing Cotton On one day and I was lucky they were in my size. I did not hesitate purchasing them.

I bought a few more things including some stuff from Typo which is the stationery brand which is part of the Cotton On Group.

See below for my full haul.

nude heels rubi shoes cotton onSince I got these heels a while ago, I can’t exactly remember how much they were. They were on sale though and I think they were about $20.

nude heels rubi shoes cotton onI really like how they’re not too high and the strap by the toes are not too thin either. I haven’t worn these out yet but I’ve tried it one with a bunch of outfits and it goes well with almost anything. This was a great bargain buy!

I also checked out Typo and some random but cool things:

typo conical flask coffee mugFirst up is this Conical Flask Coffee Mug. How awesome is this?! I saw it on sale for $7 and I couldn’t leave the store without it. I’m not even a big coffee drinker but it’s so cool.

weekly planner whiteboard typo stationeryI also got these two magnetic whiteboard weekly planners. I don’t know why I got two but I thought I’d put one on our fridge and one on my desk at work. They were $2 each and it came with the whiteboard markers that were magnetic too.

whiteboard weekly plannerI love this travel themed one and this is on our fridge. This was around the time when our trip to Melbourne was confirmed too. It’s great having this on our fridge to remind us of important stuff. Since I started blogging, I have been busier with meetups, movies and meeting other bloggers and I have to put it here in case my partner forgets where I am. That happened once and he got really worried.

weekly planner whiteboard typo stationeryThis polka dot one is also really cute. I have a paper weekly planner on my desk already so I don’t really need an extra one so I might keep this and give it away.

These weekly planners are awesome. I love that there’s a shopping list on the side and instead of writing our grocery list on paper, we just put it on there and I take a photo before going out. Saves paper too!

So that’s about it for my random Cotton On and Typo Haul. I like all the things I got and best part was they were all on sale. If you haven’t noticed yet, I love finding good bargains.

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11 thoughts on “Rubi and Typo Haul

  1. Jules says:

    Those pumps look amazing, and what a bargain! I know sometimes ruby shoes don’t last much but if you are able to wear them a couple of time they are worth it


    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      It was a good bargain. Yeah Rubi shoes are a hit and miss but because these are heels and won’t wear them often, I think they’re good. I don’t tend to spend much on heels because I only wear them on special occasions but I think I’ll get use out of this nude pair. 🙂


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