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Backpacks and Sneakers

I’m off to Melbourne today (yay!) and a few weeks ago, while planning for it, I decided to get a backpack and sneakers.

The three things in this post are not something I’d wear or use often. I haven’t used a backpack since I went to school which was over 5 years ago. I never liked backpacks either except for my polka dot Jansport back which was cool at the time.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to get a backpack is mainly for this holiday. I only intended to get one backpack too but see below as to why I ended up with two different ones.

floral backpack haulI first got this floral backpack at Cotton On because it was cheapest backpack I could find in stores. This was denim with floral designs which was cute. Not something I’d pick out but they didn’t really have another good design. This is spacious though and has a pocket in the front.

I thought of getting a backpack to take as my carry-on on the plane which will double as a bag during the day when I’m out and about. This week-long holiday is mainly a shopping trip for me as my partner is there for work. I have a few days to roam around Melbourne by myself and shop ’til I drop or run our of money. Haha. I thought having a backpack will be good so I’ll have my hands free while shopping/walking around and it will be better for my back too.

I think the backpack was $15 and I was pretty happy with that until I found this the next day:

thrift thrifted leather backpackI saw this brown leather backpack in the Salvation Army for $3.50! I knew I should’ve checked the opshops first. Unfortunately, I cannot return the floral backpack because it was on sale. I couldn’t believe I saw this brown one. It looks so much better and classy than the other. It’s not made out of fabric so if it rains, my stuff inside will still be okay and there are so many pockets. This will go well with more outfits too because of the colour.

If I am to wear backpacks more often, this brown one will be my pick. I really like it but it doesn’t have as much space as the floral backpack.

So now I’m torn on which backpack to bring to Melbourne. I like the floral for all the space but the brown one goes with all my outfits and looks better overall. I haven’t decided and I will most likely leave it until last minute.

hi-top sneakers shoes flatsI also got this pair of white high-top sneakers from Cotton On. I have never owned a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse as growing up, I had a girlier taste and did not wear sneakers and then I couldn’t justify paying over $80 for a pair. I’ve heard they’re really comfy though but this cheap pair will do. I’ve worn this a few times and they are really comfy. I like how it’s not canvas either so it’s also good for rainy weather.

Because I haven’t owned a high-top sneakers before, I don’t know how to style it yet. I’m figuring out how it works with my clothes besided pairing it with jeans and shirt. I do think this comfy pair is going to be really handy while travelling though. I will be doing a lot of walking so flats are definitely the right choice of footwear.

Let me know which backpack you think I should bring as I’m pretty indecisive. I’d also be interested in your top travel essentials. I’ll be away for a week but I have a few posts scheduled for the mean time so please come back and read them. I hope you have a great week!

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