Collective Thrift Haul

One weekend, my sister and I really wanted to go out of the house but since we were over going to the mall, we checked out Savemart instead as we haven’t been there in a long time.

We didn’t get a lot of things from Savemart but I got lucky finding the Kenzo Paris dress above. I also got a few things from Recycle Boutique and an op shop close to my house.

See below for everything I’ve thrifted lately.


thrifted opshopped haul kenzo parisLet’s start off with this bright Kenzo Paris dress. I found this in the kid’s section at Savemart. I saw the tiger eyes and I instantly knew. I wish it was a sweater instead of a dress but I’m not really going to complain when it was only $12.99. This dress is also super warm because it has a fleece-like material inside. It also has pockets which makes dresses even better!

thrifted opshopped haul thrifting coatI almost didn’t get this long grey coat because I thought it had fake pockets. I can’t have a coat without pockets but thankfully my sister noticed that there was a lining inside and all we had to do was undo the stitching. This looks great on and I feel professional when I wear it. It’s like a blazer coat which fits well. I like the suede detail on the collar, breast pocket and sleeves too.

thrifted thrifting opshopping boohoo pantsThis is a Boohoo workout pants. I’ve never tried Boohoo sportswear before. I tried it on and I fell in love. This is really comfortable and it is better quality than I expected. The fabric is not too thin and it feels good on the skin. Because of this, I’d consider trying other Boohoo sportswear in the future.

thrifted cardigan thrifting opshoppingThis one is just a basic long cardigan. It’s thin, soft and has pockets. I like cardigans like this because they’re thin enough to be able to fit in a handbag. I always try and bring a cardi whenever I go because I get cold easily.

thrifted thrifting coat jacket furThis black coat with removable faux fur is my sister’s. It is the only item of clothing she bought. With or without the faux fur detail, this coat looks nice.

Recycle Boutique

thrifted sweater thrifting pink opshoppingI like long knitted sweaters in winter time. This is a Glassons knitted sweater and I love the bright colour. This is currently what I reach for if I want to wear leggings because it covers all the right places.

thrifted topshop blazer thriftingI couldn’t get a better photo but I love this Topshop blazer. The sleeves are this dark purple colour which has a different texture to the rest of the jacket too. This looks great on.

Market Shop

Market Shop is an op shop close to my house and right beside a good cafe, The Hauraki Store. I popped by after grabbing breakfast at the cafe. It’s quite small but the clothes were mainly $5 each. This shop only takes cash though.

thrifted skater skirt thrifting opshoppingThis is a Cotton On skater skirt. I like skater skirts because I find them flattering on me. I love pairing it with crop tops. This one I really liked and I wore it in Melbourne (see my OOTD here).

thrifting thrifted knitwear sweaterThe next one is this Country Road wool sweater. I have another thrifted Country Road wool sweater so I know this is going to be really warm. I don’t have a plain grey wool sweater either so I thought this was a great basic piece.

Lastly, I have these books from Savemart:

thrifted books thrifting opshoppingMy sister always end up at their book section. She’s usually great at finding books but this time, I found the cookbook rasoi: new Indian kitchen and it is beautiful!

thrifted thrifting books book cookbookI wanted it for myself but it was going to end up as another coffee table book. My sister will use it more as she can get plating ideas for her Patisserie course because the book has beautiful plated desserts.

That’s it for this collective haul. They are quite a few things in here but I thought I’d put them all in one rather than in separate posts. My favourite find is definitely the Kenzo dress and I can’t wait to style it.

I hope you like this haul. I have planned on writing my top favourite thrift stores/op shops (as a follow up from my Top Thrifting/Opshopping Tips post) but I haven’t had the time yet. Please stay tuned for that!

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