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Benefit Minis

I didn’t have enough time to take photos of all the makeup I brought with me to Melbourne except for these Benefit minis. I took too much makeup because I’m an over-packer but I also chucked a bunch of these minis in because they’re great for travelling.

The specific items I brought travelling with me are:

  • That Gal primer
  • Stay Flawless primer
  • Posietint
  • Benetint
  • Stay Don’t Stray
  • Watt’s Up!
  • Ooh La Lift
  • Fake Up concealer
  • High Beam

I didn’t use all of them in the end but because they took little space in my makeup bag, I didn’t really mind. It was good to have them there as options though.

My most used were the That Gal primer, High Beam and Ooh La Lift. I basically used them every day when I did my makeup. I love Ooh La Lift as it really brightens my under eye area and High Beam is such a great highlighter. Watt’s Up is a pretty good contender too.

These Benefit minis are actually from the 2014 Benefit Advent Calendar. I couldn’t resist picking it up last year and I found it to be a great purchase.

I dug through my photo archives and I found the photos I took of the Benefit Advent Calendar. The packaging was pretty and I wish I could keep the box but it wasn’t practical.

I know you can’t get it any more but since I wasn’t blogging back then, I thought I’d share it anyway. This may give you an idea of what to expect for this year’s one.

benefit cosmetics makeup minisThe Advent Calendar had a good variety of products from makeup, skincare to haircare and stationery. I wish they have blushes though because the previous year had them but I was still happy with it.

benefit makeup cosmetics minisThese are the products. Some of these like the mini Porefessional, and They’re Real, I have finished already too.

benefit cosmetics skincareI have also used up these two Benefit skincare items. Thanks to the Advent Calender, I got to try what their skincare is like and I really liked it. My sister loves the Total Moisture Facial Cream and I got her a full-sized bottle for her birthday. I loved the It’s Potent eye cream.

benefit cosmetics minis benetintMy most least used products from the calendar are the lipglosses because I don’t wear lipglosses. I kept one and gave the others away. Benetint is one of Benefit’s most popular products and I used to like it but I don’t tend to reach for it at all. I also didn’t quite like Cha Cha Tint and Posietint and were both given away.

I know the Advent Calendar is a few months old now but I hope you still enjoyed this post. I think it was a great way for me to try other Benefit products and see what worked for me before purchasing a full-sized one.

I’m interested to see what Benefit comes up with for this year’s Advent Calender. I hope it’s good one!

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