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Haul: Bossy Cosmetics

I’ve placed a Bossy order recently so I thought while I’m waiting for that to arrive, I should finally post my first ever order from the brand.

See below for my full haul.

I heard about Bossy Cosmetics from the lovely ladies on Beauty Review. I heard great things about the products so I decided to have a look on the website and I was pleasantly surprised that the items were all so affordable and also cruelty free.

They were having a sale on and free shipping at the time too so I just couldn’t resist.

The popular product seems to be their Coffee Scrub so I made sure to pick it up.

bossy cosmetics beauty skincare nz makeup coffee scrubI’m halfway through this Coffee Scrub and I love it. My skin feels so smooth and soft when I use it. It is really messy though so prepared to have a dirty-looking bath or shower but it’s so worth it. It smells amazing too. It also comes with a wooden spoon to scoop out the scrub. I use it on my whole body and it makes me feel nice and refreshed. I highly recommend this.

bossy cosmetics beauty skincare nz makeup brush cleanerThe other things I wanted to try were the Makeup Brush Shampoo and Brush Cleaning Pad that are in the Brush Cleansing Kit. In an ideal world, I’ll be deep cleaning my brushes every week but that doesn’t really happen. However, when I finally get the time to do so, I want to make sure my brushes are really clean and have no makeup residue left.

I really like the cleaning pad which has two different textures for scrubbing and rinsing the brushes. It makes cleaning my makeup brushes a lot easier. As for the shampoo, I also like it and the scent is good but I don’t really mind using baby shampoo or my Daiso brush cleaner too. I like the combination of these two together but the main winner is the cleaning pad for me.

bossy cosmetics face mask skincareI was surprised to see another item in my package. Bossy Cosmetics were super lovely and sent me the Oh La La Face Mask to try. I love how they added a little note which made it more special.

I have yet to try this mask because I had a few masks open which I needed to use up first but I will definitely try this soon. This is a bit different though that it comes in powder form and you need to add water to create a paste. It is interesting and I will update you how I go on this but I’m quite excited.

I also got a small bunny pin which I think comes with every order.

 I love the personal touches they put in the package. My order all came nicely packaged and wrapped. It was really nice to receive it as it didn’t feel like they just chucked everything in the box (like how iHerb orders are for example). The great products and lovely service are why I haven’t thought twice about buying more from the brand. I ordered three more things and I’m sure you will be seeing them here on the blog too.

If you have tried Bossy Cosmetics, please let me know your other product recommendations. I’d love to know what else I should try.

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2 thoughts on “Haul: Bossy Cosmetics

  1. frockandroll says:

    That coffee scrub sounds AMAZING. I’ve never tried one, nor have I sampled anything from Bossy Cosmetics before, but I’m definitely going to have to pop them on my ‘One Day When I Have Money’ (haha) list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      It’s really good and on sale it’s usually $10. I love using it. I recommend Bossy Cosmetics. Really affordable and a NZ brand too. Watch out for their sales and free shipping to get a better deal 🙂


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