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NZFW Goodies

I watched a few shows during NZ Fashion week but I only managed to get a goodie bag during the Resene Designer Selection Show. The photos from that is coming in a few days but to break up all NZFW runway photos, I thought I’d post a haul of my NZFW goodies.

The Resene Designer Selection show was basically on every day during NZFW and it features a bunch of designers and a few clothes from their collections. I wasn’t able to get in backstage which pissed me off so I watched the show in front row instead. Also in spite, I got two goodie bags!

So if you’re like me who’s always interested on what’s inside goodie bags at events then check out the rest of this post.

nzfw goodie bags nz fashion weekHere’s an overview of what’s inside one goodie bag. It has a pretty good selection of food, beauty products and vouchers.

nzfw goodie bags nz fashion weekThere’s a lot of paper inside and they’re mainly vouchers. There’s a magazine and a NZFW guide as well as some photography, haircut, drinks and makeover vouchers. There’s also a random yoyo from TOMS. I don’t really know if I’m going to use these vouchers but they’re always in them.

nzfw goodie bags nz fashion week foodThe heavy ones are the drinks. Each goodie bag came with Schweppes Ginger Beer and a Pear Passion sparkling drink. I tried the craisins and I absolutely hate them. I hate raisins anyway and the craisins aren’t any better if not worse in my opinion. The Extra gum were the best in the edible category. Haha

nzfw goodie bags nz fashion weekNow here’s what made the goodie bag better. I love Batiste as you may know because I always have backups of it and I was glad to see a mini one. It will be handy to put in my handbag or to take to work.

I also love the Toni & Guy sea salt spray. I style my hair in natural waves so I use sea salt spray regularly. I’m excited to try this one and I got three in total as one goodie bag had two of them. Score!

nzfw goodie bags nz fashion weekInside were also some samples. I don’t usually like foil samples but I keep them as they’re good for travelling. I’m curious about the Palmer’s facial oil too so I might give it a try.

nzfw goodie bag makeupI also got a bunch of O.P.I. Nail Envy and Chip Skip. I like the mini size because I don’t finish a whole bottle of nail polish or nail treatments anyway. I have enough to last me a while.

I was also surprised to get a Maybelline NY Master Smoky eyeliner. I’ll definitely give it a go and I might give the other one to my sister.

nzfw goodie bag kotexLastly and probably the most practical one for females are these U by Kotex pads and tampons. it came with a simple pouch too which was nice. Besides the Toni & Guy sea salt spray, these were my favourites. They may be just pads and tampons but buying a pack are expensive so getting a bunch for free is great. Each pouch has a few of the regular and super pads and liners. We need these every month so getting them in a goodie bag is always nice for me.

Overall, I can’t really complain. Who doesn’t like free stuff? I surely do but I didn’t go to NZFW just for that. It’s a nice bonus especially after all the exhaustion and stress from fashion week. This was like a small reward.

I hope you liked this random post. I’m always curious to know what’s inside these things and I finally got my hands on one. I also read somewhere that people shouldn’t write about goodie bags but I don’t really care because I like reading about these myself. If you want to know what the NZFW VIPs got in theirs, check out shaaanxo’s vlogs. I saw her a few times during NZFW but I never went up to say hello. I’m too awkward for that. Haha

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I have a few more NZFW posts lined up so check back in the next few days. I hope you have a great weekend!

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16 thoughts on “NZFW Goodies

  1. Christel Hansen says:

    Awesome post!! I love getting drinks and snacks in goodie bags, and I also love all the beauty goodies included! And I totally agree, I absolutely love getting pads and tampon “samples” because I think they’re such a boring thing to spend money on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Little Misadventures says:

    Man, they are awesome! I would be super stoked to see pads/tampons in a goodie bag haha. Every time I go to buy them/face wash/body wash at a supermarket my “budget” gets blown completely out of the water. EVERY TIME. I really liked the short time that I was at NZFW. I’m actually considering applying to volunteer next year!

    Liked by 1 person

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