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August Instagram Snaps

Another month has passed so it’s time for another monthly Instagram roundup. August has been a hectic for me. It started up pretty mellow and then chaotic in the last week due to NZ Fashion Week. I’ve also been sick since last week which was not fun.

To see more of my highlights during the month of August, click below.

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As usual, from left to right, top to bottom:

  • I went to the We Are Anthology housewarming party which was quite fun. I went after work and as everything is fashionably late, I was he first one to arrive. I couldn’t stay any longer at work though so oh well.
  • I went to a food styling and photography class at Zomato. Us foodies learnt more tips and tricks when it comes to taking a good food photo.
  • I also went to the NZ Bloggers #cocktailclub at The Glass Goose. I’m not a big drinker but I’ll have the occasional cocktail every now and then. It was so much fun, we made a cocktail each and ate some pretty good food.
  • I made my blog some business cards and I love how they turned up! See this post for more photos and how I did it.
  • My sister and I tried Mellow for the first time. We had the stone ice cream which was an interesting way to make ice cream. It was good and creamy. I want to go back and try more of their menu.
  • I was blogging every day last week during NZ Fashion Week so if you don’t know, I got to watch a few fashion shows. Miromoda was one to remember.
  • It’s starting to get warmer and sunnier so one exceptionally beautiful Sunday, we went out for a long walk along the beach from Milford to Takapuna. We walked along the rocks and although it was tiring, it was great.
  • I did a bit of opshopping at Savemart and I got some pretty good deals. I’ll be hauling them soon.
  • I got sick during/after NZFW and this little cafe close to my house is great. It has fresh juices and I love the Power C juice. They have best ugly bagels too.

Besides NZFW, a highlight of August was meeting Karen Walker.

I met her on the first day of August at The Department Store. I pretty much love Karen Walker everything especially the accessories so to finally meet my favourite NZ designer was pretty awesome. I asked her about the collection, what’s coming up for the brand and I’m looking forward to the new homewares for summer.

I was shy at first and I felt like a fanatic since I was decked out in KW accessories. I was wearing my Number One Crazy Tor sunglasses, Runaway girl necklace and a bunch of rings. I also met Nicole Ku of Nicrific and I didn’t realise it until afterwards!

if you’ve missed some of my posts in August, here are my top picks you should check out: (I have 20 posts last month so it was hard to pick just 5)

How was your August? Mine was a whirlwind and I’m glad I don’t have as much on this September so I plan on relaxing more because the last month was stressful. I need re-energise and focus on the good things in life.

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