designer garage sale haul nzfw

Designer Pop-up Sale Haul

I ended my NZ Fashion Weekend experience by going to NZ Fashion Weekend. NZ Fashion Weekend is open to the general public and getting tickets will give you access to the Designer Pop-up Sale. This was also previously called the Designer Garage Sale.

I was really excited to check it out this year and see what the fuss is about. I’ve heard great things about the sale and people getting amazing bargains.

I can tell you that it didn’t disappoint. I managed to have self control and only got two things from the sale.

Click below to see my haul and more photos of the actual sale.

designer garage sale haul x-plain dressThe first thing I got from the sale was this black x-plain lace dress. The price tag said $380 but I got it for $40. Yup, only $40! x-plain was having a deal of 1 item for $40 or 2 for $70. This dress goes all the way to my calves but the black lining underneath doesn’t go all the way to the bottom so part of your legs can be seen through the lace. I don’t have any dresses of this length which is why I got it. I actually didn’t realise the bottom is see-through until I tried it on at home which made me like this more.

esigner garage sale haul julian dangerThe second and my favourite bargain find so far is this Julian Danger printed jumpsuit. I believe this is the Poppy Playsuit/Jumpsuit. I was skeptical about the fit of this because it looked way too long on the hanger but I tried it on anyway.

esigner garage sale haul julian dangerI love the print and the colour. I don’t have any clothes in this colour too. I loved the Julian Danger collection during NZ Fashion Week and I’m stoked to have a piece from a previous collection. The price on the tag said $290 and I got it for $89. I usually don’t buy any clothes over $40 but this was an exception.

The fitting rooms at the sale were horrible. They were just black curtains with no mirror or lighting inside. It was basically trying things on in the dark which didn’t help but I took a chance on this and I’m glad I did.

It cinches at the waist so it became a good length on me. It has pockets which is always a plus in my books and the fabric is soft and comfy. I can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can start wearing this.

If you’re wondering how the rest of the sale was, I managed to take a few photos:

esigner garage sale haul hatsThe first stall I saw was Rebe’s Runway hats. Rebe is a NZ blogger who has launched her line of accessories.

designer garage sale haul nzfwdesigner garage sale haul nzfw designer garage sale haul nzfw

The sale had a mixture of clothing, accessories and even homewares. I didn’t find a lot of footwear though.

The most popular stall was Lonely Hearts and Lonely Lingerie. I did try a few things but it was pointless because I couldn’t see anything in the fitting room and I wasn’t keen on going out to check myself on the mirror so I passed on the lingerie sets.

designer garage sale haul nzfw kagi jewelleryThere was also Kagi jewellery and the selection was pretty good. The markdowns were even better.

esigner garage sale haul julian dangeresigner garage sale haul julian dangerThis was the Julian Danger selection at the sale. It was really good. I wanted those floral pants too!

designer garage sale haul nzfwThere were also makeup stalls during NZ Fashion Weekend which was at the ground level or “Beauty Hub”. I didn’t check out any of them though. MAC and Smashbox were really popular. I heard from Lena Talks Beauty that MAC was the same price anyway but Smashbox had good deals. Lena was able to get the On The Rocks palette which looks great. See her post here.

I am definitely keen on going to next year’s NZ Fashion Weekend even just for the designer pop-up sale. The sale is amazing and there were so many good designer brands like Silence Was… Harman Grubisa, Sabatini, Hailwood, Moochi and Lucy McIntosh to name a few. The Beauty Hub was also great if you’re more into makeup.

This was a great end to my NZFW experience. Knowing I saved $541 on these designer clothing made my day. I can’t wait to see what next year will be like.

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