chaos and harmony boots haul

Chaos & Harmony Boots

It’s already spring in New Zealand so before it gets too hot, I thought I’d share my last shoe purchase.

For some reason, I’ve always wanted a red pair of boots but a good one is hard to find. I’ve found some tacky looking pairs or ones that aren’t my style. It changed when I saw this Chaos & Harmony pair.

Chaos & Harmony is a NZ shoe brand. I’ve known the brand for a while now but this is my first ever pair from them. I saw an event on Facebook about a sample sale and I couldn’t resist. My sister and I went and I came home with these lovely boots.

They’re beautiful so click below for more photos.

chaos and harmony boots haul fashionThis pair is the VOW boots in Wine. It also comes in black, mosaic and white.

chaos and harmony boots haul fashionI love the colour which is perfect for autumn and winter. It’s made of leather with a low heel. Completely flat boots are unflattering on me so I want a bit of heel and the added height is a bonus for my short self.

chaos and harmony boots haul fashionIt laces up at the front which is something I need to get used to. Most of my boots have zippers so they’re easier to take off. I just need to stop being so lazy and take extra time.

I also like the finish of the leather. It’s smooth and not too shiny.

I had to break them in though so the first time I wore it to work, I had a blister on each foot because my heels were rubbing against the side. I stuffed thick socks on each shoe when I got home to loosen it up and now I have no problems with them.

chaos and harmony boots haul fashionThe boots were originally $369 which is something I will never spend on a pair. Because it was a sale, I got them for $129. I thought that was an amazing deal and I couldn’t pass it up.

I’m not one to spend a lot of money on shoes. However, since ‘splurging’ on my Wittner boots, I’ve come to appreciate quality. I’ve been converted and I think spending more money on leather boots will pay off in the long run because they should last a long time.

This is only my second pair of leather shoes but I truly hope I’ll have them for years. I’m pretty sorted for boots now and I won’t have to buy new ones for a while.

These boots should appear in an outfit post soon but I’ve been pairing it with black jeans and a plain top. I hope Chaos & Harmony does another sale because I will definitely be there.

What’s your take on different coloured boots? Would you wear them or would you rather stick to black or brown boots?

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