September Beauty Box

It has been a few months since the last Beauty Review Beauty Box but the September box finally came out. I received it last week and I’ve been excited to share it to you.

If you haven’t heard, Beauty Review is this awesome NZ website where you can post reviews of makeup, skincare and haircare products. You can engage with others in the forum, read articles and you can also get your hands on their beauty box. I bought the last one back in March and it was such great value that I couldn’t resist picking one up again.

To see the full haul of what’s inside September’s Beauty Box, continue below.

First of all, this month’s box arrived in this bright green box.

beauty review beauty box haul makeup skincare haircareIt did a great job of brightening my day. I got so excited when I got home and the package was on my doorstep.

beauty review beauty box haul makeup skincare haircareOpening it was like Christmas. I love the mystery of the box. Inside was packed with the goodies and it came with the information card with all the product details and prices.

beauty review beauty box haul makeup skincare haircareThis is the info card for this month’s box. There is a mixture of skincare, makeup and haircare.

Now on to the actual products!

beauty review beauty box haul makeup skincare haircareThis is the full contents of the Beauty Box. I was excited about a few things and curious on some others.

The products and prices are:

  • Trilogy Makeup Be Gone cleansing balm – $39
  • Collection Cosmetics Illuminating Touch concealer – $16.50
  • Maybelline NY Colour Sensational Lipstick in 530 Fatal Red – $20
  • Moisture Mise Dual Control Liquid Foundation – $36
  • Za gel eyeliner – $17
  • Goodness Every Morning Moisturiser – $20
  • Cameo Contouring Brush – $10
  • Schwarzkopf Lightening Spray – $12.99
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo – $6.50
  • (Deluxe Sample) Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Amino Q Hairspray
  • (Deluxe Sample) Schwarzkopf Styliste Sea Salt Texture Spray
  • Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner minis

Let’s start with the base:

beauty review beauty box haul makeup skincare haircareI was glad to see Trilogy, Moisture Mist and Goodness products. I’ve seen the Trilogy cleansing balm on some blogs recently and I’m excited to try it. Goodness is also another brand I wanted to try. I love the sleek packaging and my sister said it smells really good too as she got a box for herself.

The last box had a Moisture Mist mascara which I haven’t opened yet but I’m keen to try this foundation which has SPF18 so it will be good for spring/summer weather.

The other makeup products were:

beauty review beauty box haul makeup cosmeticsI have this exact Collection Cosmetics Illuminating Touch concealer already and unfortunately this light shade is not a good match for me.

I love the previous Za eyeliner from the last BR Beauty Box so I’m excited to see if this one is just as good. As for the makeup brush, I was pleasantly surprised. I used it yesterday and I like it.

beauty review beauty box haul makeup cosmetics maybellineThe lipstick in this month’s box is definitely better than what I got back in March. This is the Maybelline NY Colour Sensational Lipstick in 530 Fatal Red. I love red lipsticks so this is a winner. I hope it’s similar to or even better than the formula and pigmentation of the Maybelline Vivids lipsticks which I have a few shades of.

This month’s box has moreĀ haircare products too:

beauty review beauty box haul haircareI didn’t mind seeing a travel size Batiste Dry Shampoo in it although I got one from my NZ Fashion Week goodie bag. I got the mini Pantene shampoo and conditioners as well which were also in the ReachME pack I got a while back. I did bring both to my Melbourne trip so I’ve used them all up already.

What I’m most curious about is the Schwarzkopf Blonde Lightening Spray. At first I was confused because I’m not blonde. Upon further reading into the product info, I realised it is for any hair colour. I’ll definitely give this a go. I’ve never dyed my hair but I wouldn’t mind having a lighter shade especially for this coming summer season.

That’s everything inside the Beauty Box. Compared to the last one, this had less accessories as there were no hair brushes or clips. The box was $53.95 including shipping but the overall total of the products inside (excluding the minis and deluxe samples) is $177.99. That is a saving of $122.99 which is pretty good in my opinion.

Another difference I noticed from the last box was the lack of body care products. The last one had a deodorant and body lotion the September Beauty Box was more into haircare. I wish there was more makeup than haircare but it was still a good deal overall.

If you want to know more about the Beauty Box and how to get your hands on one when they become available, head over to Beauty Review.

I like the September Beauty Box and I got my money’s worth. What do you think of this month’s box? Was it better than the March one? Let me know below.

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11 thoughts on “September Beauty Box

    • astylecollector says:

      It’s pretty good value. I used the lightening spray for the 1st time this morning. I don’t expect to see any changes yet but firsts impression is ok. It has the standard Schwarzkopf smell which isn’t that nice but I don’t hate it. I’ll update once I’ve used it more.

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