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Nails: Essie e-nuf is e-nuf

I’ve only recently gotten into Essie nail polishes. I’ve known the brand for a long time but I never purchased one because of the price. They’re not the cheapest out there and I tend to gravitate towards inexpensive polishes because I never finish them and they dry out anyway.

However, I couldn’t resist picking up this Essie nail polish in e-nuf is e-nuf. This nail polish is so bright which is perfect for the upcoming summer months.

I bought the Essie nail polish from a makeup sale a while back. The price was significantly less than what you’d pay for if you buy them in Farmers. I can’t exactly remember how much but they may be around $8 in the sale.

essie nails nail polish jewellery beautye-nuf is e-nuf is this bright pinky coral shade. Essie’s website describes this as a subdued creamy coral. It is more of on the red side though and appears orangey-red.

I love how bright and pretty it is on the nails. It is pretty spot on from the bottle too.

essie nails nail polish beautyI love this colour so much, I had it on for more than two weeks as I reapplied it straight away after it chipped the first time.

essie nails nail polish jewellery beautyI also added an accent nail with some glitter polish on top.

If you’re wondering about my jewellery, I have my Karen Walker rings in the daisy, heart and cat. My ring in the middle is from Equip.

essie nails nail polish jewellery beautyThe nail polish I used for the accent nail is L.A. Girl Splatter in GNL356 Spatter. This polish has white and blue speckles which is really nice.

Because of this e-nuf is e-nuf nail polish, I bought more Essie nail polishes to try out. The brand has so many bright shades so I was spoilt for choice.

This polish has also appeared on my Instagram:

essie nails nail polish jewellery beauty

As for the lasting power, Essie nail polishes aren’t the best. The consistency of the polish is thin and runny but I found it easy to dry. I usually add a top coat and I also have been using the OPI Chip Skip I got from NZ Fashion Week goodie bags. This helped the polish last longer but without a top coat or the Chip Skip, my nails chipped within the second day which was disappointing.

It’s definitely not as long-wearing as the Revlon Colorstay nail polish that I’ve tried but it’s not bad that I’m put off from buying Essie polishes again. I love their colour selection and the brush is pretty good too.

Overall, I will be using this nail polish a lot this summer as it’s currently one of the top bright polishes in my collection.

If you love Essie, tell me what your favourite shade is that I need to have. I only have four Essie polishes at the moment but I want to try more.

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6 thoughts on “Nails: Essie e-nuf is e-nuf

    • astylecollector says:

      Yeah I don’t know why it just doesn’t last as long on my nails but I love Essie nail polish shades. I actually don’t have any OPI. I can’t make myself buy it for that price. I’m the same as I can’t justify paying that much for nail polish.


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