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Kmart Fashion Haul

Kmart has really stepped it up lately. I’ve loved Kmart for a long time but I was so impressed by what they have in store last time I went. The heels above are my latest purchase and I love them. It’s not something you’d expect to find from the store either.

Besides the heels, I got a few more fashion bits and pieces. This haul is a mixture of shoes, active wear and lingerie.

See more down below.

This is my initial haul a few weeks ago:

kmart fashion haulIt’s quite random but Kmart is a one-stop shop. The first thing I picked up was the pair of heels.

kmart fashion haul white platform heels shoesI don’t have a pair of white heels so this is a first. It was hard to find a white pair that was flattering on me. I also tried on a different style which didn’t work for me at all. I’m glad this did because it has a light platform heel therefore making these heels quite comfortable. I know my feet could last better in these than my other pairs.

These heels were $19.

kmart fashion haul workout shortsI then checked out the sportswear/active wear section and spotted these colourful shorts. This pair is double layered and underneath is more tight-fitting so it won’t move around/see your undies. I like the fabric of this because it’s soft and comfy.

I also got a pair of cropped leggings with a pink waistband. I got it because you can never have too many workout pants and they were only $7.50. The shorts were $12.

kmart fashion haul lingerie lace soft cup brasI was hesitant including these but they’re so good I wanted to share them! I love soft-cup bras or ones without any underwire. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I wore a bra with an underwire. For every day use, I’d rather be comfortable.

The bra on the left has been my go-to. It doesn’t have underwire but the fabric is thick enough as it’s lightly padded so you’re completely covered and nothing will show especially if it’s cold outside if you know what I mean.  The band is stretchy and it’s just so comfy! I truly love it and for $9, I wish I got more. I know it came in a bright pink colour too.

kmart fashion haul soft cup bra laceThis other lace soft cup bra is fancier out of the two. The other is more practical while this has the sexy factor. This doesn’t have any underwire or padding at all and it’s a thin fabric. This is definitely in style right now and it’s also super affordable at around $10.

Last but not the least on the fashion side of things is this beautiful strappy heels as seen on my feature image.

kmart fashion haul strappy heelsI wasn’t sure about this pair of heels when I first saw them but I was curious about the style. I’ve tried similar heels of this style before from other brands but they never suited me or looked flattering.

This pair was an exception though. For only $29, this is a winner. It also comes in plain black but there wasn’t any in store when I went. I would’ve bought that in a heartbeat because it would suit a lot more outfits.

I tried it on in store and took a photo inside Kmart:

This pair had an amazing response on Twitter as everyone really liked it. I’m glad I bought it because I wore it around the house when I got home and it was fairly comfy for heels.

Here’s another photo:

I like to tie the laces at the back instead of the front because I find that more flattering. I wore for a long around the house when I got home and they were more comfortable than I expected.

I know this is mostly a fashion haul but I also picked up one makeup item.

kmart haul ox eye crayon makeupI haven’t tried anything from OXX before. I think you can only get this brand from Kmart. I’ve only tried this one my eyes twice and liked it so it wasn’t bad for $2.

Lastly, I also got more homewares from Kmart. I already posted my Kmart Homeware Haul but I bought more from my latest trip there which is a bit late to add to that.

Copper has been all the rage the past few months and Kmart definitely has a lot of it at the moment. I love the copper mugs and the candle which is a fig and papaya scent.

That’s the end of this haul. I hope you enjoyed this post. I am obsessed with Kmart because you can’t beat the prices and they have really cool stuff in there.

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14 thoughts on “Kmart Fashion Haul

  1. Angelica says:


    These are literally so cute! I can not believe you found all of these things at Kmart! My sister and I used to shop there when we were younger but we stopped after we started liking fast fashion, I will definitely be paying my local Kmart a visit. Maybe I will get lucky and will be able to find some gems 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. lillymint says:

    You got such amazing stuff!! I was inspired to go and get those black and white heels after seeing your Instagram post, and I love them! They look like those Senso ones that are $200+! Ahh I love Kmart so much haha! Great post! x

    Liked by 1 person

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