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Number One Shoes

When the weather started getting warmer, I realised I needed more shoes that are more appropriate for summer. I bought quite a few pair of boots this year but it’s now time to store them away and wear more sandals and flats.

I’ve been searching for sandals that I can also wear to work but I haven’t had much luck in finding a pair I like within my preferred price range. Luckily, I was notified by email that Number One Shoes was having a sale and I was pleasantly surprised when I looked on their website.

See all the pairs I bought on sale down below.

numberone shoes haul sandalsThese are the pairs I bought. I got them because I can also wear them too work as they’re not too casual.

The first pair I got is a plain black ballet flats.

number one shoes haul ballet flatsThis is the Natalie Ballet Flats. I always have a plain black pair of flats because they usually go with my work outfits. The current one I have has silver detailing so it doesn’t look that good when I want to wear gold jewellery so I wanted a plain one.

number one shoes haul flatsThis just has a bow at the front. I’ve worn this almost every day to work and they’re quite comfy and hasn’t given my blisters at all. They are originally $19.99 but I got them for $13.99.

 number one shoes heel sandals haulThese are the Dolcis Ashby Sandals in black. I tried finding them on the Number One Shoes website but they seem to have pulled them out already but I did find it in another store online.

numberone shoes haul heel sandalsI like this because it’s not completely flat so it gives me an added height and you don’t have to do the buckles because of the zip at the back. I don’t like it when it takes forever to put sandals on and take off because of buckles so having the zips are a plus. They were $59.99 and went down to $35.99 in the sale.

Although you can’t find this on their site anymore, I did find similar styles which you may be interested in: Whitney Sandals and Dolcis Coventry Sandals.

Last but the least is this pair of rose gold sandals. This is my favourite pair from the haul.

number one shoes haul rose gold sandalsThis is the Dayna Sandals. It’s in gold colour on the site but it is definitely more rose gold. I don’t have any pairs of shoes in this colour and I love it.

numberone shoes haul rose gold sandalsThis also comes in black but I was only interested in the rose gold colour. This was $59.99 and I got it for $35.99.

number one shoes rose gold sandals haulIt’s such a nice pair of sandals and it has a bit of heel. It’s so pretty. Just a warning though, this pair has a wide fit. I actually didn’t see this when I bought it so I ordered it in my usual size 6 as I did with the other pairs. When this arrived, size 6 was way too big.

I ordered these online so I haven’t tried them in store so I was surprised that I had to go down a size for the Dayne Sandals. I’ve never bought a size 5 pair of shoes before but I had to.

Thankfully, Number One Shoes has a really easy return/exchange policy. I just took this pair to a store and they were able to exchange it for me. It was quick and painless and I now have this beautiful pair in my right size.

I know these shoes aren’t on sale any more but watch out for their deals and offers. Number One Shoes usually have a 3 for 2 offer which you may be able to save more. I still saved around $50 so I’m pretty happy with my purchases. I’ll definitely be wearing them this summer time and will probably appear in an outfit post here on the blog.

Let me know which one is your favourite.

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2 thoughts on “Number One Shoes

  1. Maggie (@sundaydreams_) says:

    Omg those rose gold sandals look so good that I want to go instore and try on a pair myself!

    There’s some nice more dressy footwear at Wild Pair – they’re having a sale too with the recent acquistition.. though probably don’t want to be heading out to stores now that it’s so close to christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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