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Oroton Wallet

If you know me in real life, you would know that I have been looking for a wallet for quite a long time now. I’m quite picky with wallets and it has be a certain size/length for me. I don’t like long wallets which are usually what you see in most stores so it hasn’t been easy.

However, my wallet hunt ended last week at the Oroton shop inside Dressmart. I even walked out the first time until I realised everything was on sale and went back in again.

Check out what I chose and what ended my year-long hunt for the perfect wallet.

oroton venice high fold wallet berryThis Oroton Venice High Fold wallet in purple berry is what I ended up choosing.

oroton bag wallet venice high foldI love how bright and vibrant it is. I’ve usually stuck with plain black wallets but this is much easier to spot inside my handbag.

wallet oroton pink berry venice high foldThe wallet print/design is fairly simple with the Oroton label at the front.

oroton wallet berry venice high foldIt is a fold wallet so when you open it, it has the card slots on the left and a zipped compartment for coins on the right.

wallet oroton berry venice high foldIt also has a lot of pockets for other things which I really liked. I can also put my phone inside if I really have to.

oroton wallet venice high fold berryThe back is plain but there’s another pocket where the lining is. This is quite handy but I’d most likely forget it is a pocket so I’ve put my blog business cards and my work one in there.

I don’t know where else you can get Oroton. I haven’t seen a proper shop elsewhere in Auckland besides Dressmart but if you’re there, I recommend checking it out. They have decent bags too and if they’re on sale, they’re all reasonably priced.

This wallet also came in different colours. From memory there was a black, cream and navy one in this Venice High Fold style. This wallet was originally priced at $235 which was over my price range (I was looking at bright pink Fossil wallet at Smith & Caugheys a few days before for a lesser price) but it’s ridiculous either.

For a leather wallet, I thought that it was pretty good BUT I found out that the store was having a massive 70% off sale. You can do the maths but I got the wallet for less than $100 so I’m pretty happy about it.

oroton bag wallet christmasIt also came greatly packaged. I love the metallic silver box it was in and the gold bag. It looked expensive and great to give away as gifts too. I was pleased with the service I got from the Oroton store in Dressmart.

It’s fair to say, I’m so glad I finally got a new wallet and this was a good purchase. I’m happier to replace my old dying Guess wallet too.

oroton wallet guess walletsI only kept my crappy Guess wallet because I love size of it. It’s my ideal length and I couldn’t find wallets I liked that were of similar size. My new Oroton wallet is thicker but it’s not too much of a big deal. As you can see, my old Guess wallet had seen better days. I can finally get rid of it!

That’s about it for today’s post. I hope you all had a great Christmas and Boxing Day. I’m back in Auckland now from being in the peaceful country side with barely any reception and internet. Regular posting will resume from now on and today is my blog’s 9th month too.

Have a great day everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Oroton Wallet

  1. Ashley says:

    Gorgeous wallet. I’ve been wanting a new one but it’s hard trying to find one that’s exactly right. I’ll have to check out Dressmart and have a look at what they’re got.


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