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Summer Essentials

It is well and truly summer now here in New Zealand. The past few days have been so hot and I think we’re in for a sweltering season.

To embrace summer, I thought I’d share my summer essentials with you.

I’ll start off with the most important item…

summer essentials nivea aveeno sunblockSunblock! You can’t not have sunblock this season. The sun’s rays are quite harsh here so sunblock is a must. I use a few different sunblocks but with high SPF. You can get the Nivea Ultra Beach protect ones in most supermarkets and stores. I got the Aveeno Baby sunblock from iHerb. I got it because I thought it will be gentler since it’s for babies so I can put it on my face.

summer essentials bikiniSummer also means the beach + swimming so a bikini is a must. I got this from aliexpress sometime ago. I like the bikini top but the bottom is slightly too tight. I have a few bikinis but they’re all a few years old so I’m currently on the hunt for a new one.

summer essentials karen walker sunglasses makeupThese are bits and bobs but are essential for me. My Karen Walker Number One sunglasses is my favourite pair of all time. I wear it most days and I alternate this tort pair with the plain black one.

I’ve also been loving this L’oreal UV Perfect moisturising lotion. I use this as a base because it has SPF50+ before I add on any makeup. It’s tinted but it blends well on the skin. It’s great to have an added layer of sun protection and I usually use a BB Cream or foundation with SPF too.

Since the change of season, my lips have been really dry. I’ve started using this Blistex Medicated lip balm I got from iHerb. It came in a set of three and I keep one at my desk at work, at home and usually in my handbag. It has SPF15 too.

For my summer fragrance, I choose the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. It’s light, floral and sweet. I have the mini one which came in a set and this is great for putting in your bag and travelling too.

summer essentials ue roll speakersGadget-wise, I thought I’d add this UE Roll bluetooth speakers. I was kindly sent this from Noel Leeming as a Christmas present and it was a nice surprise. I never really though of getting bluetooth speakers but since using this, I love it.

This UE Roll is waterproof too so it’s great to take to the beach, camping or trips. I brought this with me when we went away during Christmas and it became handy blasting some music out on the deck.

summer essentials ue roll bluetooth speakersI’ve used this inside the house too while I’m cooking or baking in the kitchen as our speakers in the lounge are too far away. So far, I love it and I even included it in my Christmas Gift Guide.

Besides the ones I’ve photographed above, my other summer essentials include a good pair of jandals/flip flops. I have my trusted Havaianas and Ipanema jandals for this season.

A bright nail polish is also on my list. Any of these Essie polishes will do:

These are the things I’d be using a lot more this summer. What are your summer essentials? Leave them down below.

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