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Boxing Day Sales Haul

The day after Christmas Day is Boxing Day and usually every year I hit the sales. This time around, I was in the country side enjoying a much needed break from the city and technology.

We came back to the city a day after Boxing Day and I checked out the shops to see what else is still on sale. I managed to find a few things which are mostly clothing and jewellery. I didn’t go too crazy this time around but I like everything that I got.

Let’s start with Kmart:

Kmart doesn’t really do Boxing Day sales as the prices are already so cheap but there were a few things on special. These two I got weren’t though.

kmart espadrilles flats shoesI got this bejewelled espadrilles for $9. I need an easy slip-on pair of shoes if I don’t want to wear sandals.

kmart scallop hem bikini bottomThis is just a plain black scallop-hem bikini bottom. My only plain black one from Cotton On Body has finally ripped and died so I was on the hunt for a new one and this was $12.

Cotton On:

cotton on striped dressesI got these two striped long dresses from Cotton On for $12.48 each. They’re 3/4 length so it falls in between my calf and knee. They’re super comfy and just great to wear on casual days this summer.

cotton on body bralette braFrom Cotton On Body, I got these two bras.

cotton on body soft up lace braletteThis soft cup lace bralette was actually not on sale but I didn’t realise until I was paying. I let it go anyway as it was only $16.95. Usually, I wouldn’t spend this much on Cotton On Body but this was a great purchase as I’ve been wearing it a lot. It’s so comfy and it looks great on.

cotton on body workout crop braI think this is more of a workout bra but I’d wear it as a normal one anyway. It doesn’t have underwire which I love and also comfy. This was on sale for $10.


temt lace shorts boxing day haulI had a bit of a closet clearout and I realised most of my shorts are printed so they’re harder to pair with tops. I wanted a black one and this was quite nice because of the lace material. It was around $15 too.

temt boxing day haul clothes shirt topI got these two tops which were both less than $10 each.


lovisa jewellery earrings haulI’m currently loving earrings more than any other jewellery at the moment and I got a bunch of them.

lovisa earrings jewellery haulI’m also really loving this style of earrings. This set was $5.

Then these were 5 for $10.

lovisa earrings jewellery boxing day haullovisa gold earrings boxing day haulI forgot to take a single photo of the other pair which are just studs. The 5th pair is actually the same as the gold studs with triangle dangly but which my sister wanted.

I didn’t go too crazy with the sales. I just got a few bits and pieces that I know I’ll use. I know I technically didn’t go on actual Boxing Day but the sales went on for a few days afterwards anyway.

Did you venture into the sales? If so, what did you buy?

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