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My Sunglasses Collection

It is currently summer here in New Zealand so sunglasses are a must have. As my blog name may suggest, I am a collector of things and sunglasses are one of them.

I’m sharing my sunglasses collection today if you’re interested in seeing it with try-on photos too.

I currently have 13 pairs of sunglasses. Only 12 are pictured above but my last one is my prescription sunglasses from Specsavers. It’s usually in my work bag so I forgot to put it in this blog post.

I’ll start off with my favourite pair of sunglasses. If you’ve seen my outfit photos or Instagram, you’d know as I usually wear this.

karen walker number one sunglassesMy Karen Walker Number One Crazy Tort sunglasses is my #1 pair. This was a treat to myself when I got a new job two years ago. What’s even better is that I used a prezzy card I got from my previous job to purchase this so I didn’t even spend anything!

karen walker number one sunglasses selfieKaren Walker sunglasses have the signature arrows on the sides. I truly love this style for my face shape.

This next one is one of my valued sunglasses but for a different reason.

rayban ray ban sunglasses vintageThis pair of Ray-Ban aviators is special because this used to my dad’s back in the old days. I can’t remember exactly when but I’m pretty sure this is older than me. It’s my only “vintage” pair so I’ll treasure this one for a long time. It’s still in great condition and I used to wear it a lot.

sass and bide karen walker critter sunglassesThese pairs are my cutout ones. The black and silver one is basically like the limited edition Karen Walker critter sunglasses. I think I got them form aliexpress but it was a few years ago now. I love the black pair since it’s in the Number One style like my favourite KW pair above. The silver round-shaped sunglasses don’t suit me at all.

karen walker critter sunglasses selfieThis is the black one close-up. I do like the cutouts on this pair. It’s different but because it’s black, I find it more wearable than the others.

As for the rose gold pair, it’s Sass and Bide.

sass and bide sunglassesI can’t remember the style but I got it from Onceit. It was priced at $289 and I got it for $40 over two years ago though. I love the colour but unfortunately, I don’t think the shape suits me.

sunglasses collection dior farmersThe left one is another favourite and it’s from Farmers. I like that it’s half tort and is Celine-like because of the three dots on the sides.

The pair on the right is from aliexpress and it’s in the Dior So Real style. I tried the real Dior pair in Galleria before I flew to Melbourne but I didn’t like the $500+ price tag so I thought I’d get this one to see if I like it. Again, it’s another pair I don’t think suits my face well.

sunglasses collection farmers selfieHere’s the one from Farmers close-up. The lens are almost rose-tinted so it’s a nice change from my usual dark-coloured lenses. It makes everything sepia toned.

sunglasses collection rayban aviators asos tortThe sunglasses on the right is from Asos a while back. I got it because of the three dots like Celine again. It’s more of a wayfarer style. The other is the same Ray-Ban aviators I’ve talked about above.

karen walker sunglassesIf I’m not wearing the Karen Walker Number One Crazy Tort, I will have the black pair on. This is my most used pair because it goes with everything and I love the shape on me. The other pair is in the Karen Walker Harvest style with the signature arrows on the side.

sunglasses collection cat eye wayfarersThese last two are my least favourite ones that I rarely wear. I’ve had the cat eye pair on the left for a long time and it’s just a cheap one from Cotton On. The black and white was given to me by my partner as he found it. I think it’s also from Cotton On.

I’m likely to give away these two soon as I don’t really need them in my collection. The only times I wear them is when we go for a walk around our area as I don’t care if I lose or break them.

If you want to see what the sunglasses look like on, continue below. I’m warning you though as I have a lot of photos of myself from here onwards.

I’m wearing Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Wild Orchid in these photos too.

sunglasses collection karen walker dior farmersI’m still not convinced about the Dior-style sunglasses on the top right corner. It suits my sister as she suits most sunglasses but it’s not for my face shape. I love the other three in this photo though.

sunglasses collection rayban karen walker asosMy pink necklace is from Farmers and the necklace on the bottom right was from equip.

sunglasses collection sass and bide karen walker cotton onHere are basically my not-so favourites. I look like a bug with the silver pair on the bottom right. It’s huge. The mint and silver necklace is from Cotton On by the way.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you didn’t get sick of seeing my face! Let me know which pair is your favourite and which one did you think was a complete dud.

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