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Topshop Romper

If you live in my side of the world, you will know that it’s been a really hot summer. The heat and humidity have actually been quite unbearable and on most days, it’s hard to dress up.

I thought I’d share this Topshop romper today because I think it’s a great summer party outfit. The colour is perfect for summer and the open lace back is great for the ridiculously warm temperature.

To see the full outfit details, click below.

topshop romper playsuit ootdThis Topshop romper was actually thrifted/opshopped. I included it in this Recycle Boutique haul. From memory, I was in a lookout for it since I saw it in a haul/vlog from Youtuber Fleurdeforce maybe 2+ years ago. I think she tried on a darker red version but I loved the lace back.

karen walker jewellery topshop romper playsuit ootdSo when I saw this romper in Recycle Boutique and in my size, I just had to get it. I love how the front is quite simple. Everything is covered up and it just cinches at the waist.

However, the back is another story.

topshop romper playsuit lace ootd outfitThe back of this romper has this black lace detailing and the orange fabric drapes on the sides. It’s sheer but you can get away with a bra strap at the back if you really have to. I like to wear a strapless/backless stick-on bra for this type of clothing.

topshop playsuit romper karen walker jewellery ootdI just love this romper. With the right accessories, this can be dressed up or down too. In this outfit, I’m wearing black heels from The Warehouse.

karen walker jewellery necklace topshop romper playsuit ootdFor jewellery, I have the matching floral Karen Walker necklace and bracelet that were sent to me by Fashion Life NZ.

topshop floral necklace jewelleryBecause the front of the romper is plain and simple, I think it calls out for statement necklaces. This Karen Walker floral necklace is definitely a good match. The green stones from the jewellery worked well with the bright orange colour of the romper and added to the summery vibe as well.

If I didn’t wear jewellery, I’d opt for a waist belt like this other Karen Walker piece of mine:

karen walker gold floral beltI think this Karen Walker belt would also look good on this romper to accentuate the waist even more.

Writing this post made me think so I have a question for all of you. In summer time, do you get inspired to get dressed up more or does the heat bother you too much?

If it’s super hot, I tend to dress as casual, comfy and cool as possible because I don’t like sweating and clothes sticking to me. The coolest thing in summer would be to wear the least amount of clothes as possible but not wearing much or wearing too short/revealing things isn’t really my style.

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19 thoughts on “Topshop Romper

  1. Kelly says:

    What a gorgeous pop of colour, love Ve this on you. I’ve always wanted to wear a romper or jumpsuit but haven’t felt confident due to my lack of height! In the summer I tend to pare it back and keep it simple but do love to get dressed up more for evening events or parties

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Raven Alixis says:

    First of all, you are so lucky your already in summer because every five seconds I am freezing cold!! It doesn’t matter how many layers I put on goosebumps will arise!
    But when it was summer even though i was sweating I feel like I have no choice but to dress cute and oh so tumblr lol


    Liked by 1 person

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