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Denim Dress OOTD

Today’s post features my first and only denim dress. Besides jeans, I actually don’t own any other denim clothing. I know some people’s closet staple is a denim jacket but I personally haven’t found one that I liked and same goes with a denim dress.

So when Fashionlife sent me this denim dress, I was excited to see how it looks and how can I style it.

See more below for the full outfit details.

I have the Orlando Bianca dress from Fashionlife.

fashionlifenz fashion clothes jewellery haulI’ve featured it in this haul post too.

It is a fairly straight cut dress with sleeves and pockets. I think the main thing that has put me off denim dresses or even jackets is the thickness of the fabric and how it’s not stretchy at all. I prefer stretchier fabric so I don’t feel too constricted. I have a similar issue with this dress because of the fabric but the zip at the back makes it easier to put on. For this dress, the denim itself isn’t actually too thick. It’s not stiff at all but it’s just not stretchy.

What I like about this dress are the stitching. Because this is just a straight cut and one fabric and colour, the stitching helps add texture and dimension to an otherwise plain, shapeless cut dress.

denim dress white heels ootd outfitI like that it has sleeves and a tiny slit on the sides too.

My favourite feature of this denim dress is the pockets though.

denim dress pockets fashionlifenz ootd outfit nailsThe pockets in this dress are huge which is great. I love any dress or romper/playsuit with pockets. It’s an added bonus for me and I’m sure to like it even better. The diagonal cut of the pockets add shape to the straightness of the dress too.

ootd outfit denim dress fashionlife white heelsSince I don’t have any other denim clothing, I wasn’t sure what else to pair it with but I found that denim dresses like jeans are quite versatile and can be paired with anything.

denim dress ootd kmart white heels outfitI paired it with these white Kmart heels as I thought the white would stand out from the blue denim.

denim dress ootd outfit motd sunglassesThe pair with the white heels, I put on this white bar necklace. I can’t exactly remember if the necklace was from Equip or Farmers.

My eyewear is the critter sunglasses which you can see better in my Sunglasses Collection post.

I would like to style this dress a bit differently too. Maybe with a waist belt to give it shape or a statement necklace to complement it. If you have a denim dress and have any ideas how else I could style this, let me know.

Before I end this post, I’d like to tell you that from next week, I’ll be changing my blog posting scheduled. At the moment, I’ve been posting 3x a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday but since my life is getting busier, I will be posting 2x a week and switching it to Tuesdays and Thursdays until I feel like I can handle 3 again with good content. I hope you all understand!

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6 thoughts on “Denim Dress OOTD

  1. Hollie says:

    your dress is gorgeous and really suits you,i love a dress to have pockets. What i also love about this post is the way you have described your thoughts on the dress,fab post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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