kmart home decor beauty fashion haul

Kmart Beauty, Decor & Fashion Haul

You will probably know by now that I love Kmart. Everyone is in a Kmart craze but until Kmart stops bringing out cool affordable things, I will keep buying from them. I did two Kmart trips recently and today I’ll be showing you what I got.

This haul is a mixture of beauty, fashion and home decor as it says on the title. This just shows that Kmart is a one-stop shop because you can get everything there.

Click before for my full haul.

The first things I’ll show you are from my first Kmart trip. I went to a picnic with some lovely NZ Bloggers at Cornwall Park and after that, I stopped at Kmart St Lukes.

kmart home decor beauty book haul
This was my first haul. As you can see it’s a mix bag.

kmart haul pocket colouring book mind therapy
Kmart has jumped on the colouring book bandwagon and there are a lot of books in store. I chose this pocket one because it’s a nice small size. I already have a few colouring books though so I might give this to my sister as part of her birthday gift.

kmart haul bowl plates dinnerware
I also picked up some dinnerware which is this flat white plate at the bottom and this grey and white bowl. I got the plate because it would be great for food photos. The bow is such a great size and has become mine and my partner’s favourite already.

Moving on to home decor, I only picked up one thing:

kmart haul home decor test tube vase
I already have two test tube vases as you’d see in this previous home decor haul but this one is a single test tube vase.

kmart home decor test tube vase tulips flowers
It’s small so it could work on your desk. It was also only $7.

Moving on to beauty,

kmart haul love pamper hair mask
I saw that Kmart has their new Love Pamper range and I picked up the Coconut hair mask. I like how this has a pump which will make it easier to use in the shower. This was $4.

kmart beauty tinted moisturiser sunscreen
I’m glad I picked up this spf 50+ tinted moisturiser sunscreen as well because I’ve been loving it.

kmart beauty tinted moisturiser sunscreen selfie
I tweeted about this but I used it on a really hot day a few weekends ago and my face did not get burnt or even tan much. I’m not wearing any other makeup in the selfie above so that’s why my brows are unruly but the tint is nice for my skintone and it worked well. For $7, I was pleasantly surprised at this product.

On my second trip, I got a fewer things:

kmart beauty haul mango tango hair treatment argan oil
I got more hair treatments! They were $2 each so I couldn’t resist and I use hair treatment often. I got the Mango Tango as I haven’t tried it yet. The Mad for Argan Oil is a repurchase because I really liked it.

For clothing, I got some undies. These plain undies are so comfy. I bought different styles ages ago and they’re perfect for every day. They barely show up on clothing as well so no VPL for me.

The two on the right are pyjama dresses. It’s been so hot and I wish I got these earlier because they’re so comfy! The sizes run large though but since I’m only wearing it at home, I’m not bothered. They have so much styles in store but I picked the hearts and the one that says ‘sleep solves everything’.

I’m wearing the hearts one right now. It’s so comfy and probably my favourite purchase in this haul.

I’ve done a few Kmart hauls here in my blog and I promise you this won’t be the last. I hope you all have a great Monday.

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