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As my blog name suggests, I am a collector of things and perfumes are one of them. Over the years, I have amassed a bunch of fragrances and I’m showing each one today. If you’re after a new perfume but don’t know what to get yet, this may help.

Most of my perfumes are on the floral side but I also have a few on the darker scent side. See my whole collection below.

Before I show each and every perfume, this is how I store it in my room.

perfume collection

I like them being displayed like this because I can easily pick one to use on the day. The door of the room is on the left so this is what I see before I leave which reminds me to spritz some on. I rarely leave the house without putting perfume on.

I’ll move on to my collection now. I’ve researched some of the notes of the perfumes but I apologise for being horrible at describing scents! I tried but I didn’t realise how hard it was until this post.

The first two in my collection are from Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb.

perfume collection viktor rolf flowerbomb

I have two versions of it. The smaller bottle on the left is the 50mL Flowerbomb in eau de toilette. The almost finished on the right is the Flowerbomb 100mL eau de parfum.

These two are floral scents as per the obvious name but they’re on the ‘darker’ or muskier side of floral for me. The eau de parfum smells slightly differently than the eau de toiletter and the notes differ too.

The Flowerbomb eau de parfum has a musk and patchouli base which gives it the less in-your-face floral scent but it is topped by jasmine, freesia, orchid, rose and bergamot to name a few. The Flowerbomb eau de toilette version is more on the citrus side with additional notes such as orange, tangerine and amber.

perfume collection marc jacobs philoshopy juice couture

These three have been my favourites this summer. I have Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!, Philosophy’s Amazing Grace and Juice Couture Couture La La.

Oh, Lola is such a nice sweet scent. It’s my favourite Marc Jacobs perfume and I prefer this than the original Lola perfume (which I don’t like at all). It’s fruity and floral at the same time with some strawberry, raspberry, pear notes paired with magnolia, peony and cyclamen floral notes.

I got Amazing Grace at the airport before we went to Melbourne last year. I’ve heard of this fragrance for a long time and since we don’t have Philosophy in NZ except at the airport, I bought this. This is a powdery floral scent to me. It smells intense in the bottle but it dies down to a more subtle sweet scent on the skin. It has a bit of orange, musk, bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine and rose in it.

Juicy Couture’s Couture La La is another fruity-floral perfume. There are so many Juicy Couture’s fragrances but this is the one that finally made me buy one. I love the bottle too. At first sniff, you can smell the citrus which is due to the mandarin notes with some green apple, redcurrant, lily and orange blossom with a musk base.

perfume collection marc jacobs daisy oh lola dot perfumes

How cute are these mini Marc Jacobs fragrances?! That was the main reason why I got them but I also knew I’d love all the scents anyway. The set comes with Daisy, Dot, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Oh, Lola. Thankfully Lola isn’t included because I really don’t like it.

Daisy is probably the most famous MJ perfume and it smells amazingly sweet and floral. It smells fresh and I feel so girly when I have it on. It’s described as a woody-floral fragrance Daisy Eau So Fresh is more fruity-floral because it has more floral notes compared to Daisy. Dot is a different kind of floral scent in comparison to the others. It has an interesting set of notes as well such as coconut, dragonfruit, honeysuckle, vanilla and musk.

perfume collection zara eau de toilette

You may have seen these perfumes in my Melbourne Haul but I went a bit crazy at Zara. I was surprised at their selection and they all smelled so good. I gave one set away to my sister and I was left with the ones above. Another bottle is missing in the photo as I have it at work but it’s the same as the Zara Femme (white bottle).

The red bottle at the back is Zara LVII The Limited Collection. It has a musky scent and less floral. The base scents are patchouli and tonka bean which explains the muskiness and topped with vanilla and pear.

The two at the front are the Zara Femme and Black Amber. Zara Femme is also musky but has floral and sandalwood notes while Zara Black Amber is a darker fragrance. Black Amber is my favourite out of all three.

perfume collection green tea ck one perfumes

The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical is probably my least liked perfume in my whole collection right now. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I’ve kept it in my collection and use it as a room spray sometimes. The green tea scent can be overwhelming but this smells good on my skin after an hour or so but can be sickening just after applied.

The Calvin Klein CK One is probably the most different scent in my predominantly fruity-floral perfumes. This one is unisex and has a lot of notes from the bases sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar and topped with floral and citrus scents.

perfume collection harajuku lovers perfumes

These three are an interesting bunch. They’re all 100mL bottles of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style perfumes. You won’t see them like this in store because they’re tester bottles. They don’t have the doll on top which I don’t mind because even though the usual packaging is cute, the size of the actual perfume is small.

I currently have the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style in G, Baby and Music but I used to have two more which I’ve used up and gave away. These three I have left are what I usually spritz in the morning for work and alternate depending on my mood. They’re great for every day and I got them for $30 each bottle so it was such a bargain!

HL G is the ultimate fruity-floral scent. It has melon, peach, pineapple, apple, watermelon and raspberry with tuberose and peony. HL Baby has vanilla as base and HL Music is more woody with cedar base.

perfume collection rollerball vera wang juicy couture elizabeth and james nirvana

Since last year, I’ve had a growing love for rollerballs. Before that, I was only buying full bottles until I realised that with my collection, it’s so hard to fully use up a whole perfume. Rollerballs are great because I get to try more scents, they cost less and I find that applying perfume using the rollerball lasts longer than spraying.

My favourite perfume is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana white. I got my partner’s mum to buy this from Sephora when they went to the US for me. I wish I got the black one too because this is such a wonderful smelling perfume. This smells different to the rest of my collection as it’s a great balance of floral and musk. Apparently, it only has three notes: musk, peony and lily of the valley. Those three combined make a heavenly scent. I will buy the full size bottle of this if I ever get the chance.

The other rollerballs came in a set. I have the Vera Wang Princess perfumes and the Juicy Couture. The Vera Wang set has Princess, Pink Princess and Princess Night. My least favourite one is the original Princess and I like the Princess Night the most as the vanilla tames down the fruity-floral scent down a notch. Pink Princess is the sweetest scent out of all three too and it’s too sweet for my liking.

The Juicy Couture set was my first roller ball set. It has Viva La Juicy, Juicy Couture and Peace, Love & Juicy Couture. Viva La Juicy is my favourite from the bunch as you can tell, I’ve used it the most. It’s a sweet scent but slightly different maybe because of the caramel and praline in the base notes. Juicy Couture I think is the original which is darker and to me, it smells more powdery and more like an old woman’s perfume if you know what I mean. Peace, Love & Juicy Couture is more citrusy.

perfume collection victoria's secret fragrance mist

These aren’t perfumes but included in my fragrances are some Victoria’s Secret sprays. I love having these in my collection for when I’m just at home or to chuck in my bag when I used to go to the gym. I used to have 4 more but I’ve cut it down to three of the fragrance mists: Dazzling Kiss, Coconut Passion and Mango Temptation. The last two I love to spray in summer after I shower when I’m just staying at home. They smell nice and refreshing. Dazzling Kiss has become a room spray.

The two smaller bottles are from the PINK line and it was in a set of four body mists. I gave away two and was left with Fresh & Clean and Ready to Party. Both are nice light scents.

I have two other perfumes in the collection that aren’t in the feature photo at the start.

karen walker fragrance A perfume

This Karen Walker A eau de parfum is my latest addition and it was included in my Birthday Haul. I got it because my name starts with A and thankfully the A perfume is what I liked most from her collection. Again, this is a floral scent but with a twist. It has a musk base with mint, redcurrant and grapefruit as top notes with some ylang-ylang, green tea, lily and rose in the middle. I found that this settles great on my skin after a while.

The last perfume I have is the Benefit Laugh with me Lee Lee. It was given to me by a workmate and it’s a floral-woody scent in a cute cocktail-shaker bottle.

That’s all my perfumes. If you’ve managed to reach the end, thank you. I didn’t realise that  I could write over 1500 words about perfumes but I wanted to give as much information as I can even though it’s hard describing scents. I hope this helpful in a way.

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