what's in my work bag

What’s in my work bag

I work full time and therefore my work bag is my most used. I like watching/reading ‘What’s in my bag’ posts so I thought I’d share mine as well. If you’re interested to know what I carry every day to work, continue below.

I’ll start off with the bag I’m currently using for work. I got this in December last year from The Clearance Shed in Albany while I was out Christmas shopping. I wasn’t looking for a bag but I thought the size was great and it has heaps of room for my stuff inside.

work bag nude studded

I love the nude colour so it goes with most outfits and the studded gold detail is a nice touch without being over the top.

work bag the clearance shed

This bag also has a few pockets. There’s a pocket at the back where I usually put my phone and there are three inside. I like how the fabric on the inside is bright and patterned too so if I’m searching for something, it doesn’t look like I’m digging through a black hole.

These are some of the essentials in my work bag:

oroton wallet keys karen walker phone case

I need to have my wallet, phone and keys. My wallet is from Oroton which I featured in this blog post, my floral phone case and the white girl keychain are both from Karen Walker. My other hat keychain is from when I watched the musical Wicked which is my absolute favourite musical I’ve watched so far.

I think it’s also a good idea to have a different coloured house key. When I got our house key duplicated, I chose a red one so I know exactly what it’s for and it saves me from looking through the other keys. Unfortunately, since getting our kitten Turbo we’ve had to use the back door so I haven’t been using the red key at all.

what's in my work bag eyeglasses specsavers sunglasses

These things above are also essentials. I have my work swipe card and AT HOP card for the bus. I have them both in a lanyard so I won’t easily forget them.

specsavers eyewear eyeglasses sunglasses

If you didn’t know, I’m short-sighted and I have to wear glasses or else everything beyond 5 metres of me is blurred. Both my Osiris eyeglasses and Tommy Hilfiger prescription sunglasses were from Specsavers. I’ve had them for around two years.

what's in my work bag 2016 diary kikkik

I don’t bring my Kikki.K 2016 diary all the time but it’s in my bag most days. I also have my phone cord to charge my phone at work and the butterfly clip is for my earphones which I’ve left on my desk so they weren’t in my bag.

what's in my work bag umbrella.jpg

I live in Auckland and you never know when the weather will turn bad so I always carry an umbrella. There’s only been a handful of times when I’ve forgotten to bring this in my bag so rain or shine, I’m always prepared. I got my pink umbrella from Farmers years ago. I can’t exactly remember when but I’ve had this umbrella since I was at uni so probably around 5 years which is quite impressive.

It’s a bit harder to close now but I can’t part with this yet because I love how there’s a light at the end. During winter when I’m walking home in the rain, the light has been so handy and if anyone knows where I can buy this same umbrella in NZ, please let me know. I can’t seem to find it in Farmers any more.

The things above are my essentials but I also have these extra things in my bag:

what's in my work bag beauty makeup hand cream perfume

I have this OPI Avojuice hand & body lotion. I use this as a hand cream. The size is perfect to put in your bag and I love how it’s light. It’s a great hand cream for summer because it doesn’t leave you with a sticky feeling and it dissolves on the skin so easily.

I always have a perfume in my bag as well and I love rollerballs for this. My curreny perfume in my work bag is the Vera Wang Princess Night. For lips, I have the Maybelline Color Whisper which I like because it’s in between a lip balm and a lip stick so it’s not drying. I also have the Bossy Souffle Alive and Perky Aroma Inhaler.

what's in my work bag pens

When I dumped my bag for its contents, I discovered I have a lot of pens, throat lozenges and hair ties. They were in the pockets of my bag. I think you always need a hair tie. Especially in summer when the heat can be unbearable.

what's in my work bag beauty products

Lastly, I have this black pouch where I have a bunch of girly stuff that I don’t want scattered inside my bag. I’m keeping it real here and these are mainly feminine essentials as pads, tampons, tissues, band aids and pills. I usually have nurofen too but I ran out and only had cold + fly tablets. I also have a bunch of lip balms plus an extra pair of contact lenses and small tube of eye drops.

These are basically what you’d see in my work bag every day. I add in my lunch too but that changes every day and I usually chuck in a cardigan as well because my office is quite cold.

I hope you liked this sneak peek of what’s in my bag. I’ve also done a guest post on Analesha’s blog last month for what’s in my usual handbag if you want to check that out.

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9 thoughts on “What’s in my work bag

    • astylecollector says:

      Thanks Lena! I like seeing what’s inside people’s bags too as I’m nosy too. Haha. The current state of my work bag is a mess as I have random snacks in there. I try to shove my lunch there too as I don’t like carrying a second bag.


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