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February Highlights

This year is flying by and it’s about time for me to recap what happened last month and share the best bits I’ve experienced. You know the drill by now. Today’s post is my February highlights.

To see more of what I did, ate, bought and loved, click below.

February is  shorter month but it was jam-packed and it even felt hectic at times. Here are the best things I had photographic evidence of:

february highlights

  • February had a good start because of Auckland Anniversary Day so we had a long weekend. The weather was beautiful too so we had a pool and beach day. I had my first swim this summer too.
  • I bought a coffee machine. I’ve been wanting one for a while so when I saw this white Nescafe Dolce Gusto on sale, I grabbed the opportunity. I’ve only tried three flavours but I like the chocoletto and cappuccino.
  • My sister and I love watching musicals and the first musical of 2016 is Phantom of the Opera. It’s my sister’s favourite musical too so of course we couldn’t miss it. For a NZ production, it was pretty good and if it’s still on, I recommend going.
  • I went to my first beauty blogger event which was Talk Beauty NZ. I’ve already talked about the whole event here. We got given an amazing goodie bag and part 1 of my goodie bag haul is over here.
  • On Valentine’s Day, we checked out the NZ Classic Car Show. Although I’m not into cars, I had a great day because there were some beautiful cars in there.
  • February is my sister’s (joan_alyssa) birthday month. She decided to have dinner at Hansan which was such a great idea because for 9 people, our bill only came to $160 and we were all full and satisfied. I love cheap eats!
  • We also had a 50th party and there was a live band and disco ball.
  • I did a bit of opshopping and found the HOMIES t-shirt and Topshop skirt for $5. I love them both but I fell in love with the t-shirt more because even though it’s oversized, it is 100% cotton and it is so damn comfortable. I realised when I got home that it’s Brian Lichtenberg. I did a bit of searching and found out that a shirt like that is $60US!

Moving on to the food I had last month:

rhubarb peach crumble cake baking

During the NZbloggers/brunchclub picnic, we were given some rhubarb to take home. I’ve never cooked/baked with rhubarb before but I wanted to try it out so I made a peach rhubarb crumble cake. For my first time, it was pretty good. I did put too much batter on the cake pan so it took a while for the inside to bake therefore the crumble got a bit toasted. It was nice paired with some salted caramel ice cream too.

auckland cafe food lunch zomato

We were at the Crew Club for Talk Beauty NZ and we were able to taste a selection of their food. Before the event, I met up with other bloggers at Mecca Viaduct and had a huge mango and prawn salad. It was really nice and refreshing. We also went to Upland Cafe after the NZ Classic Car show.

ben & jerry's ice cream auckland

Most recently, my sister and I went to Ben & Jerry’s in Ponsonby for the first time. We’ve bought the tubs before but we haven’t been inside the actual shop. We indulged and got the oreo cone. We only had one scoop each but the size of the cone and scoops were massive and I had a food coma after. I got the New York Super Fudge Chunk which was good but got a bit too chewy because it had so much chunky bits. My sister had the Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz! which was really good.

I took way too many photos at the NZ Classic Car Show that my battery died before we left so here are a few more photos. Sorry if you’re not interested in cars but even I was quite amazed at the quality and beauty of some of them.

Some snaps from my phone:

nz classic car show

There were a lot of vintage Porsches and they were so cute. The Lambos were pretty cool too.

sister nz classic car show

Here’s my sister above with a sneaky photo of our boyfriends while they were talking to a car owner. They were talking for quite some time so we goofed around and took photos of the pretty flowers after this.

nz classic car show mustang rolls royce zodiac

I’ve been to a few car shows since my bf is a big car lover but this was by far the best one I’ve been to. The quality was amazing. There was a very expensive Rolls Royce Phantom, Ford Mustangs and a Tiffany blue Zodiac.

nz classic car show fiat mini cooper morris minor

I also love the tiny cars! The yellow Fiat above would be quite unsafe in the road but it’s so small and cute it would be so easy to park. I love old Mini Coopers too.

nz classic car show vitnage mercedes

This is the last car photo but I couldn’t not share this 1930s Mercedes. I can’t remember the model but it was so beautiful. We actually just stared at it for a good 10 minutes. I’ve never fallen in love with a car as much as this one because it was damn perfect.

As I mentioned above, the NZ Classic Car Show was the same day as Valentine’s Day. I coordinated my outfit just for fun.


I almost forgot that I have this Asos hearts pinafore in my closet so I brought it out after years. It’s quite cutesy and young but I loved my outfit that day.

In cat-related news, we finally let Turbo outside for the first time.

turbo kitten cat my.turbo.kitty

He’s still on a leash though because I don’t want him to run away but he’s slowly knowing the way around our backyard and he knows his way back into our house. Maybe in a few months we could let him out by himself. I’d rather him be an indoor cat though. I’m too worried he’d get ran over if he goes down the road or lost.

Turbo actually has a highlight last month as his Instagram photo got reposted and got more likes than any of my photos will ever get. Haha

Lastly, my blog’s Facebook page also reached 200 likes. It is quite small but I find Facebook to be a lot harder to gain followers or reach but you know, baby steps. I’ll get there in the end. Thank you to everyone who follows me there. I do post things on there that don’t show up on my blog or Instagram.

If you missed any of my blog posts last month, here are the top 3 (besides Talk Beauty NZ):


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