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Topshop Sale Haul

A few weeks ago, I went to a Topshop/Topman clearance sale. I love sales so it was hard to pass this one up. My sister and I headed to Flying Fish in Ponsonby (the same place where they held the Chaos & Harmony sale last year) to check it out.

I left the sale with three things and that’s what this post is all about. I got one bag and two tops and click below for the full haul.

The sale was pretty crazy. There were so many people and it was ridiculously hot inside. If you ever check out the sales at Flying Fish, be reminded that there’s usually no changing rooms so I was pretty careful with my purchases because I couldn’t try them on.

There were shoes, accessories, dresses etc and although I found cute dresses, I didn’t end up getting them because I didn’t know if they would fit well.

topshop sale haul

My two safe options were these two sleeveless tops.

topshop crop top

The first one is this black crop top with a sort of twisted bow design at the front. I thought it would look great paired with a long skirt. It was $40 down to $35 so it really wasn’t much of a bargain but I haven’t seen this type of crop top in other stores.

topshop haul knit top

The next top is this thin knit singlet with a low armholes. I really didn’t need this but it was $25 down from $45 and I envisioned it to look cool with a lace bralet peeking from the sides. The fabric is really soft too.

My favourite purchase is my new bag.

topshop haul cross body bag

I haven’t bought a casual/going out bag for a really long time. I’ve bought a bag for work back in December which I featured in ‘What’s in my work bag‘ post but I don’t use that for anything else.

This is going to be my weekend bag and it was great timing because my other bag’s strap broke.

cross body bag topshop haul gold hardware

Since the tags have been cut off, I don’t know what the name/style of the bag is but it’s basically a black medium-sized bag.

I like how I can use it cross body or slung over my shoulder using the long strap.

cross body bag topshop haul

Or I can take off the long strap and carry it by the handles. It has a similar form to the popular Michael Kors bags.

This has gold hardware with two chains at the front. This makes a noise when I walk which can be annoying but I’ve gotten used to it.

topshop bag

This is a bad photo of the inside but it has a few pockets for smaller things like phone and keys. It is quite roomy. I could easily fit my fat Oroton wallet inside and I still have a lot of room.

The bag was priced at $95 and went down to $50. I usually don’t spend too much on a bag because I basically use to death but I’d treat myself to this one which is much sturdier and better quality than my old and dying Kmart bag.

The sale also included Barkers which is a menswear store. The Barkers sale was actually better than the Topshop one so I grabbed two work shirts for my partner. He loves Barkers and I couldn’t resist the prices. The two shirts were originally $120 each and they were down to $30 each. That was a better bargain than my three things from Topshop.

topshop topman barkers sale

Here’s a photo I tweeted when I was lining up to pay. You can see the two Barkers shirt above that I picked out for the boyf.

Since this haul is quite short, I thought I’d also share what we did after we checked out the sale. We rarely go to Ponsonby so my sister and I took advantage and had lunch at Ponsonby Central and then went to the Ben & Jerry’s store for the first time. I briefly mentioned these in my February Highlights too.

tokyo club ben & jerry's ice cream ponsonby

After our ice cream, we had a food coma so we went home and called it a day. It was a pretty good day overall with some good bargains and great food.

I know I deviated from the haul but I hope you liked this post. I watch out for sales and if you want to be in the loop too, check out my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page as I update more current/same day happenings there.

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