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Aliexpress Purchases

I love online shopping because you can find anything and everything on the internet and you can shop at any time without needing to get dressed. Living in NZ makes shopping harder and more expensive too so over the years, I’ve resorted to buying online especially on Aliexpress for some great bargains.

If you don’t know what Aliexpress is, it’s like eBay. I used to eBay a lot too but I prefer Aliexpress now because shipping is usually free and you know I’m a cheapskate.

Anyway, today I’m sharing some of my Aliexpress purchases from makeup brushes, phone cases and display stands.

The first thing is this 20-piece makeup brush set which was my latest purchase.

aliexpress eye makeup brushes set

The brushes are simple with matte black handles. Aliexpress has so many makeup brushes with different price ranges. I initially just wanted new eye makeup brushes but this set has a lot for less than $10.

makeup brushes aliexpress

I picked this set because the majority of the brushes are for the eyes anyway with a few for foundation and lips.

They’re all synthetic brushes but three are different colours and shape as the biggest one is meant to be a foundation brush.  There are a few angled brushes too which I’ll use for my eyebrows.

double-ended makeup brushes aliexpress

There are three double-ended brushes too which I didn’t notice when I bought it so this was a nice surprise.

makeup eye brushes aliexpress

The rest of the brushes are for eyeshadows which is what I wanted. I haven’t used any of them but they’re pretty soft. They’re obviously not the best but for someone like me that don’t use eyeshadows often and I’m still learning, I don’t want to invest $$$ on expensive brushes just yet. Maybe one day but not now. I have bought other makeup brush sets from Aliexpress before and I’m still using them so I haven’t really been disappointed with the quality so far.

Next up is this sunglasses display stand/holder. I was so excited to finally receive it because I’ve been unhappy with how I’ve been storing my sunglasses collection.

sunglasses display aliexpress

Now I have them in this display stand so my most-worn pairs are easy to grab especially when I’m on the way out.

aliexpress sunglasses display case

It’s made of cheap plastic but for only $10, I really love it! You can get them in different colours but I chose a clear one because I don’t want the display case to stand out.

sunglasses display room decor

They hold 10 pairs of sunglasses but you can buy other display cases that can hold more or less pairs. My partner wanted a display stand for his sunglasses too so I bought him a black stand that holds 5 pairs as he doesn’t have a big collection like mine.

I think this sunglasses display is my favourite Alixpress purchase so far. It’s such a space-saver for me and I like being able to see them better like this.

In my sunglasses collection post, I said I have 13 pairs (including my prescription sunglasses) but I recently acquired a Quay Australia pair from Talk Beauty NZ so this means I have 4 pairs that I can’t display. I just kept them in my spare sunglass cases as they’re the ones I don’t use often.

lipstick holders sunglasses display

I briefly mentioned my clear lipstick holders in my Home Style: Desk/Makeup Area Space post too and I said they were from eBay. Well, you can also get them from Aliexpress for less than $5. I got three of them which I’ve put right beside each other so you can’t really tell they’re separate.

I have a clear nail polish organiser/stand in my wishlist too but I don’t know if I would buy one yet as they’re usually from $15+.

The main things I buy from Aliexpress are phone cases.

iphone case aliexpress

I hate buying phone cases here because they’re so expensive and the designs are usually average. In Aliexpress, there are so many designs and are usually less than $5. The three above are just some of my phone cases but I got phone wallets too but they’re now too dirty to show/use.

I also got this oval face brush at the start of the year:

This was before I got the Cailyn brush from Talk Beauty NZ. I was thinking of doing a comparison post on the two brushes too so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see.

The thing with Alixpress is that you have to cautious. Some sellers can be dodgy and shipping can take a while. I usually don’t spend anything over $20 in the site just in case I get something from a bad seller so it’s not a complete waste of money. My experience so far has been good though and shipping takes between 2-4 weeks.

I’ve bought so many other things on the site and I will keep purchasing items in there especially if they’re harder to find in NZ. You should know by now that I’m all for bargains and I thought I’d share this with you. Have you bought anything from the site or any other online shopping websites? Let me know down below.

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7 thoughts on “Aliexpress Purchases

    • astylecollector says:

      I agree! Besides my lipstick holders, I haven’t bought any other makeup storage. I’m keen for a nail polish stand though. I’ve bought most of my brushes from there or ebay too and I still use them til today.


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