country road jewellery ring necklace

Country Road Jewellery

I didn’t really plan on checking the Easter sales during the long weekend but I went in to Country Road for a quick browse. I saw some of the jewellery were on sale and these two caught my eye.

To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to Country Road jewellery so it was a surprise to me when I saw they do dainty jewellery.

country road jewellery hexagon ring necklace

I ended up with the necklace and ring above.

country road jewellery ring necklace

The colour looks yellow gold in the photo above because of the lighting but they’re both rose gold.

country road jewellery hexagon necklace ring

They’re the geo hexagon ring and necklace and it came in a little pouch. I really like simple jewellery like this as I think they would go with so many outfits.

They also came in silver and gold. I was so tempted to buy them in the other colours too but I have too many silver jewellery already. It’s a lot easier to find dainty gold pieces too so I went with rose gold in the end.

country road jewellery hexagon ring

I got the ring in the size Medium because I wanted it to fit my index and middle finger. The small was a bit tight on the middle finger but perfect on the ring finger.

country road jewellery hexagon necklace

The necklace is super simple and is fixed to the chain so it doesn’t move around. It’s only a little bit bigger than the ring too.

Originally, the necklace was $54.90 and the ring was $44.90. However, they were on sale for $15 each. $30 for both was quite a steal.

I’ve already worn these two a few times and I really love them. I would definitely check out the Country Road jewellery section next time as they have some pretty stuff.

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