march monthly highlights

March Highlights

Another month down, so I have another monthly highlights post to recap the good things that happened in the last month. Honestly, there weren’t a lot of things in March but two big things happened which I’ll share down below.

1. Blog Anniversary

The first thing is that on March 28th, this little blog of mine turned 1!

I can’t believe I kept this going for a year and I plan on continuing. It’s been such a great year of blogging and I’ve really enjoyed it. Thank you to all of you that have read my blog, follow me on my other social media channels and continue to support me. It was scary to put myself out there last year but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

March was a bit hectic though and because of the Easter long weekend, I almost forgot my blog anniversary and I actually didn’t plan anything for it. However, I may have something up my sleeve in the coming months to celebrate. It will be a bit late but as they say, better late than never! 😉

2. Mount Maunganui trip

I’ve already written all about our trip to the Mount but if you missed it, basically during March, my partner and I took a short break and we headed to this lovely beach town. It was a relaxing few days and it’s something we needed.

Besides the big two things above, I feel like nothing much has happened compared to other months. From the photos below, you’d see a lot more food consumed.

march monthyl highlights auckland food

  • Sangria from Blunderbuss.
  • March was still quite warm and we had great sunny weather.
  • The best place to get gelato in the North Shore for me is from The Store at Takapuna. Their lemon curd and chocolate honey comb are my faves!
  • I finally finished reading a book! I’ve been really bad at reading since last year and it has taken me quite some time to finish a book because I never make time for it. I finally did one weekend and I finished Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I enjoyed it and I didn’t expect the twist at the end.
  • Food from Blunderbuss. This place has never disappointed us if we’re stuck on where to eat in Takapuna. I like their fries and calamari.
  • I went to the launch of WE’AR clothing’s autumn/winter collection. Read it all here.
  • I also haven’t baked in a while so one afternoon, I whipped out the mixer and made some classic choc chip cookies.
  • My kitty Turbo has grown so much and it’s because he loves his food! Haha
  • Although it’s hard for me to sleep in during weekends any more, it’s a quiet time for me to catch up on some Youtube videos, have a cup of coffee or breakfast and relax.

Also, if you love cats, give my little kitty Turbo a follow in Instagram!

my.turbo.kitty cat kitten instagram Turbo

I try to post there daily because I just have way too many photos of him. I swear my camera roll has turned into 80% cat. Haha

Going back to blog-related things, here are my top posts last month:

I hope you had a great month and that April is just as good if not better. April so far hasn’t been that great as I’ve been struck by the flu on the first week but I’m slowly recovering from it.

Have a great weekend to you all and thank you for stopping by my blog!

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