kmart fashion haul

Kmart Collective Haul

I’m not gonna lie, I go to Kmart more than I should have. I am a Kmart addict and I just can’t help buying more stuff from there. Today’s haul is a mixture of fashion, beauty and even for pets so if you want to see my latest bargain finds from Kmart, continue below.

Starting off with fashion, I got three tops:

kmart embellished tops haul

I got the two embellished tops above for $10 each. They were on sale and I thought they’d be good for work paired with high-waisted pants or a plain skirt. I actually have a work style/outfit post coming up soon which features the pink top. They were cheap and easy to pair with other things.

kmart top haul

The next top was this grey knit shirt with a white fabric at the bottom. It’s quite long so I can wear it with leggings which is the main reason why I bought it. I think this came in 2 other colours too. I’ve worn it a lot since buying it.

I always check out the beauty section at Kmart too and I picked these up:

kmart beauty haul

I got the Eye Mask which I’ve been using almost every night to help me sleep better. I think it has definitely worked too!

I also wanted to try the Peppermint Foot Butter. I’ve tried this twice and I really need to remember to put this on regularly but it feels nice and it made my feet soft. The Coconut Vanilla Sea Salt spray was something I randomly put in my cart because it was by the checkout line and I saw it on sale for $1.50. It smells good but I don’t know if it works well yet.

I also saw these:

I got the Vanilla scented one and two other things to wear in the house…

kmart haul

The cat pyjamas were from the kids section. I’m currently wearing them right now while writing this post and I love them. The slipper socks are great for this colder weather and they’re soft and comfy.

Now that I have a cat, (His name is Turbo and I’ve mentioned him a few times on the blog before) I have a reason to check out Kmart’s pet section and spoil my little kitty.

kmart pet haul

I got him a new food bowl and food container. I didn’t know the food container came with a scoop until I opened it at home. It’s quite handy.

turbo kitty cat kitten

Turbo loves it too as it’s a struggle to refill the container without him poking his head in. For more of his kitty adventures, check out his Instagram my.turbo.kitty.

The last things I bought from Kmart were the main reason I went I had to go there. We needed a new dish rack and a kitchen mat.

kmart homewares haul

Our previous dish rack was also from Kmart but they now have a different version of it. The mat is quite nice and Turbo likes to lie on it too when he’s in the kitchen.

That’s about it for today’s Kmart collective haul. It is a one-stop shop and I don’t see myself getting over my Kmart addiction anytime soon.

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