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Hair + Body Care Empties

My last empties post was my makeup & skincare empties and today is about the haircare and bodycare products I’ve used up. There were too much products to include in one post so I decided to split them.

See them all below.

I’ll get these out of the way because they’re basically in every empties post of mine.

batiste dry shampoo haircare beauty empties

I go through so much of the Batiste Dry Shampoo. I seriously have so much backups of these. They’re cheap and works well on my hair. I don’t mind the other scents but I like the dark & deep brown better so I don’t get any white streaks or marks on my hair.

haircare argan oil hair treatment beauty empties

This Argan Oil Hair Treatment was from Kmart and it is my favourite one I’ve tried. There is also a Keratin one but I prefer this. It made my hair soft and smooth and the squeeze-type packaging is great so you get all the product out.

haircare empties sea salt spray

Since having a wavy hairstyle, I need to use sea salt spray to make sure it looks good. I’ve used a couple of brands and for a really affordable one, I recommend the Urban Fudge Sea Salt Spray. I get it from The Warehouse for $10. I really like it and it smells great. The Schwarzkopf Sea Salt Beach Look Texture Spray was from the September Beauty Box. I liked it but I prefer the UF spray better. The sample size is great for travelling though.

haircare shampoo conditioner giovanni nature's gate beauty empties

I got these two sets of shampoo and conditioner from iHerb. There’s the Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume conditioner and Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo on the left and the Nature’s Gate biotin shampoo and conditioner on the right.

I liked the Giovanni shampoo and conditioner more especially the tea tree triple treat because it was nice and soothing on the scalp but I didn’t feel like the conditioner did anything to my hair. The Nature’s Gate ones were ok but it was a struggle to use them all up. They also did nothing for my hair and I just finished them because I didn’t want to waste my money.

For my body care empties, I have these below:

body care vaseline moisturiser deodorant beauty empties

I got the Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser from the March Beauty Box. I really liked using this on lazy days because it absorbed quickly on my skin and it wasn’t greasy as the bottle says too. I am thinking of repurchasing it even though it would be quite cold too use in winter.

I don’t really have a favourite deodorant and after trying a few roll-ons and stick deos. I prefer the roll-on types because it doesn’t leave as much residue on the skin and I find them easy to wash off in the shower. This Mitchum deodorant was ok but it wasn’t the best. I probably won’t repurchase this exact one though.

The other small bottle is the Poly-Tears eye drops. I wear contact lenses especially on the weekends and because I have dry eyes, eye drops are a must and I go through them pretty quickly.

I like knowing what other people have used up as it’s a mini-review of products. Please let me know if you like reading them on my blog too so I’ll continue doing it or if you want more in-depth review of products.

If you tried any of the above, let me know what you thought of them too. I hope you all have a great day!

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