reachme mother's day pack

reachME Mother’s Day Pack

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow so today’s post is very fitting. I ordered another reachME Mother’s Day Pack this year as I liked last year’s pack. I wanted to know the difference and if this year is better.

I’m not a mother but I love boxes like these because the value of the products inside are a lot more than the price you pay more. If you want to know what’s inside, see my haul down below.

reachme haul

It came in the same size box as last year and it was full to the brim! It was quite heavy too when I picked it up from my mailbox. My first impression when I opened the box was that there are more food and mini samples. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because I love food and I don’t mind trying new things.

reachme mother's day box haul magazines

The reachME pack has two magazines. Last year’s pack also had a Renovate magazine which I didn’t mind because I love home decor and DIY home ideas. The second magazine is Mum+ which I obviously don’t need because I’m not a mother nor am I expecting.

There is also a discount code for Love Loops jewellery and two sample sachets of Organix Dry Styling Oil.

For food, this pack definitely has a lot more compared to last year’s one.

reachme mother's day box food haul

I got the following:

  • Milkybar chocolate
  • Two Nescafe Cappuccino sachets
  • Two Jed’s Bean Bag coffee sachets
  • EasiYo Unsweetened Greek Yogurt pack
  • Bell raspberry and lime tea
  • Aunty Betty’s Brandy Snap flavoured Birthday Pudding
  • Blackmores Single Origin Cacao powder

I was expecting chocolate as last year I got a pack of Toffeepops but I was surprised there were more sample sachets and not full-sized products. The Jed’s Bean Bag coffees were the same as last year’s pack but we got a whole box compared to just two.

The Nescafe cappuccino instant coffee mix would be handy if I take them to work and I can give the tea to my sister who loves all things tea. I would try it too but I doubt I would finish the whole box as I’m not a big tea drinker.

As for the EasiYo, I don’t have one but I’m pretty my mum actually has one. I’m quite curious with the single origin cacao powder too as it says I can add it to yogurt, cereal or smoothie.

reachme mother's day box kitchen haul

Besides food, there are also two household items. I got the Glad Press’n Seal wrap. This would actually be handy as we use it in the kitchen all the time. There is also a small sample of the Chux Magic Eraser sponge. It’s meant to be good for cleaning ink, crayon, grime and scuff marks on surfaces.

These two may be not be what I expected in the box but they’re pretty handy.

Lastly, we have all the beauty stuff:

reachme mother's day box beauty haul

There is a full-size Earthwise Nourish Shampoo in the box. It’s 320mL so it’s decent size. Earthwise is an eco-friendly brand and there are no harsh chemicals in it. There’s a Paula Ryan 3-way buffer too and this is exactly the same as the buffer from last year so this is a double up.

There’s also the Schick Hydro 5 razor and for this alone, this box was already worth it. Razors are not cheap and I hate buying new ones because they’re at least $20. Having this in this pack is great and actually useful.

For samples, there are two Precious Ultra Thick baby wipes, LOVE all-purpose balm sachet and a Givenchy ange ou demon perfume. I’m surprised the Givenchy perfume sample is in a tiny spray bottle which is a nice touch and I like having small baby wipes as they’re perfect to put in my bag.

mother's day reachme box haul

Overall, this pack was quite a random one because you get a bunch of different things. For only $9.95, you basically just pay for shipping and get all these things for free. The items inside the box are definitely worth more than $10.

Was this year’s box better than last year’s? Maybe depending on what you want/expected from the box.

If you see my last year’s reachME pack unboxing post, you’d see a lot more beauty stuff such as makeup brushes and tools. This year focused more on food instead of beauty. There are a lot more products in this year’s pack too but mostly are samples.

Overall, I’d still use over half of things inside the pack so I don’t regret purchasing it at all. It was less than $10 and I still got my money’s worth.

If you want to know more about the reachME packs, check out their Facebook page here.

reachme mother's day box haul

I think it’s not a bad pack at all but it won’t suit everyone. I knew that when I ordered it because I’m not a mum but I decided to get one anyway. If I received one of these packs, I’d be happy so hopefully all the mothers who will receive this pack tomorrow would be happy and satisfied.

I hope you liked this extra post for today and that you have a great Mother’s Day if you are one. If you’re not, I hope you make you’re mother’s day a good one. My sister and I are taking ours for high tea which will be a first for her so I hope she enjoys it.

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