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Boohoo Winter Haul

As winter approaches, I realised I need to update my wardrobe as I’m lacking warmer clothing. When I found out that Boohoo was on sale, I couldn’t resist so I made two orders. This haul will show what I got on both of my orders.

If you want to know what I’ll be wearing this winter season, click below.

When I initially started browsing the site, I had almost 30 items in my cart. That was ridiculous and I would never spend that much money on clothing so I managed to cut it down to 5 items (1 was not pictured in the photo above).

The first one I put in my cart was this long-sleeved top:

boohoo haul knit sweater

This was is called the Sofie Wrap Front Jumper. I love the deep red colour for winter and I don’t have any tops like this. The wrap at the front does show a bit more skin and makes this top slightly sexier so it’s great to have a strappy bra or top underneath.

The other 3 items I got were dresses:

boohoo haul roll neck dress

This Freya Turtle Neck Swing Dress has long sleeves and I like it because it’s quite a thin material. I didn’t want a thick knit dress because it would make me look bulkier. I like the pattern of the fabric and colour too.

boohoo haul knit dress

Following on the long-sleeve knit dress, I got the Grace Rib Knit Jumper Dress. I like the rib fabric of this dress but I have a slight issue with the style and fit. Because it’s a jumper dress, it doesn’t have any shape so if I don’t style with the right things, I would look frumpy. It’s quite comfy though.

boohoo haul long sleeve dress

The last dress in my first order is this Sally Double Layer Swing Dress. Khaki is quite a trendy colour this autumn/winter and I like it. This dress is another thin fabric but it has a double layer on the top half so it’s still warm. It wrinkles a lot faster though. This would’ve been perfect on me if it was at least 2 inches shorter at the hem. I’m quite short so most dresses unless I get it from the petite range can be quite long.

boohoo haul jumpsuit

The last item in my first order was this Laurie Roll Neck Jumpsuit. This was an impulse/random purchase but I’m glad I got it in the end. I love the colour and it fits well. It comes with the belt too but the belt is way too long and I need to wrap it around my waist twice. However, I can use a different belt on this jumpsuit anyway. The only other thing I was initially hesitant about was the wide leg bottoms. I’m not used to it but this is quite a trendy piece that I’d wear for a night out/special occasions/if I go to fashion week again.

On my second order, I was a bit more restrained and only got 2 things.

boohoo knit sweater haul

This Faye Cross Front V-neck jumper was the reason I made a second order. My sister showed met his after I’ve already made my first order as she wanted it in khaki. They didn’t have that in my size when I ordered so I got it in the stone colour instead. I love this. I love the colour as it goes with everything and the style is different to all my other plain jumpers.

boohoo haul roll neck sweater dress

My last Boohoo purchase was this Hallie Brushed Knit Rub Dress. I liked this because the sleeves are mid-length compared to the other long-sleeved dresses I got. This feels nice on and I’m loving roll necks at the moment because it means I don’t need a scarf to keep me warm.

Overall, I don’t regret any of my purchases. I know I would be wearing them all in these colder months. My favourite is the cross front jumper but the turtle neck swing dress is a close second.

As for Turbs, he also had a favourite:

cat turbo boohoo haul jumpsuit

If you have a cat, let me know if you have some struggles taking blog photos especially flatlays on the floor because I certainly have. Every time I try take blog photos, Turbo comes rushing to have a sniff around or actually lying on the items and having a snooze.

When I was taking photos for this haul, he chose my new jumpsuit to sleep on. I let him because I didn’t want to wake his cute face. Good to know he finds it comfy too though! Haha

Anyway, that’s all I have for this Boohoo haul today. I’ve tried not to browse on the sale section after my two orders or else I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from buying more. The prices are so cheap and shipping took less than a week for both orders too which was great.

If you want to see a specific item on a proper outfit post, let me know. if you want to get an idea of what they look like on, I did tweet photos when I tried my first order on:


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