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Eye of Horus Cosmetics Swatches

Last month, I was invited to an Eye of Horus beauty event. I talked about it in this post and I showed a sneak peak of the products that were in the goodie box. Today I’m sharing all the products including my review and swatches.

If you want to know the products I’ve tried and one I highly recommend, click below.

eye of horus goddess cosmetics makeup beauty

We were pretty spoilt and we got to take these goodies home along with some more information about the brand and products. I talked more about the brand in this post but Eye of Horus is cruelty-free, paraben-free and the product ingredients are natural.

eye of horus cosmetics makeup.jpg

Inside the goodie box were 7 products.

eye of horus makeup cosmetics

I have an eyeshadow palette, three liquid metal liners, mascara, pencil liner and a sharpener.

I’ll show close ups and swatches below as well as prices from their website:

eye of horus precision sharpener

This is the precision sharpener. I didn’t know the brand has a sharpener too but it’s a good tool to have. It has their logo and it looks pretty. It retails for NZ$10.73.

eye of horus goddess black mascara

This is the black Goddess Mascara and it is my favourite Eye of Horus product. It’s NZ$37.51 and I would seriously consider purchasing it when this dries up.

eye of horus goddess mascara black

The quality of the photos above aren’t great as they were taken from my phone’s front facing camera but I love this mascara so much. I’ve been using it ever since and I can’t rave about it enough. I have dead straight lashes that doesn’t hold curl well so I usually have to curl my lashes multiple times. With this goddess mascara, I’ve only had to curl my lashes before applying it then it lasts ALL DAY. This is revolutionary for me because no mascara I’ve tried has ever done this magic before.

I loved it so much, I even tweeted about this mascara a few times in one day.

This has replaced my love for Benefit Roller Lash and Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascaras because of how long lasting and how well it holds a curl. It’s not the best at volumising but holding a curl is much more important for me.

eye of horus goddess pencil sahara nude

This is the Goddess pencil in sahara nude. It’s NZ$32.20.

eye of horus goddess sahara nude pencil liner

It has a smudger at one end and a creamy pencil liner on the other. I really like this on the waterline but apparently this can be used to contour and conceal too.

eye of horus shadow palette

This is the Sekhmet Smokey Shadow Palette. It retails for NZ$49. 37.

eye of horus sekhmet smokey shadow palette

This eyeshadow palette has three shades which is meant to have charcoal, steel and grey tones. I like that the packaging comes with a mirror. There is also a small double-ended brush but I wouldn’t personally use it. You can also take off each eye shadow so you can put it in a Z palette or something similar.

eye of horus shadow palette sekhmet smokey

The top dark shade is Raven Onyx Metal Grey Satin, Middle is Silver Eclipse Silver Metallic and the bottom nude is the Elixir Sands Creamy Beige Matte. These shadows were nice and fairly pigmented to use. I don’t often wear eyeshadows but I quite like these and the shades in the palette are wearable for me too.

I like that it had a matte, satin and metallic finishes. I liked the middle metallic shade the most and although the light nude shade is good to have, it felt a bit more powdery compared to the other two.

eye of horus liquid metal eyeliners

These last three were the most exciting products for me in the box and the ones I wanted to try the most from the event. These are the liquid metal eyeliners.

There are 4 shades and I was given three: alchemy gold, ancient pewter and copper sphinx. They retail at NZ$35.42 each.

eye of horus liquid metal eye liners

I don’t own any metallic liners and these are pretty good for my first ones. I love the copper one the most as I’ve found it to be the most wearable. The gold is nice but you really need to build it up and use a lot of product to have a solid gold shade on the lids. The silver is pigmented but it looks so futuristic and quite out of my comfort zone when I had it on.

eye of horus liquid metal liners

These are not the most long-lasting liquid liners but for a night out, they’d be pretty good.

This is it for today’s post. These were the first products I’ve ever tried from the brand and I’m quite impressed. You can read more about the brand in my first post.

I reckon this is a brand to watch out for. There are a few exciting products to be released this year too such as a vegan mascara and lip products so keep an eye out for those. I’m also interested on trying their brow products as I’ve heard good things about them.

If you’ve tried this brand before, let me know what you think and what you would recommend I try next.

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9 thoughts on “Eye of Horus Cosmetics Swatches

  1. Kershia Chloe Siriwardane says:

    Ahhh, I’m yet to play with mine let alone do a post on the products (how bad am I???). The metallic liners look gorgeous on you, and I really love how pigmented those shadows are. Honestly was hoping to get the bronzey shadow palette, I don’t like the shades in mine at all. Have you used these much? I use the eyeliner and mascara like almost everyday – they’re so amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • astylecollector says:

      I haven’t used the shadow palette because I rarely wear eyeshadow tbh. I’ve used the liners and I’m in love with the mascara. I wish I got another palette shade too. I only ever wear bronze or neutral shadows when I actually put the effort in. Haha


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