kmart mirrou haul

Kmart & Mirrou Haul

Today’s post is a collective haul from both Kmart and Mirrou. I love these two stores and since I’ve posted way too many Kmart hauls on the blog, I thought I’d put two together in this big collective haul as I didn’t get too much from Mirrou.

This is mainly fashion haul with a few beauty and home items.

I’ll start of with the Mirrou haul. I don’t think I’ve done a separate haul post for Mirrou yet but I seriously love this store. It is affordable and the clothes are my style. The closest Mirrou store for me is in Sylvia Park and I am actually willing to drive there just to check out their new stuff.

mirrou haul jeans knit sweater

I picked up three things from my last visit and I’ve been loving them so much.

I got two knitted sleeveless tops. The grey one on the right is a lot longer (covers the crotch/bum) so it’s good to pair with leggings too and the black one on the right is a nice basic top that goes well with both jeans and skirts. Both tops were $10 each.

mirrou girlfriend distressed jeans

I also grabbed this pair of distressed girlfriend jeans. I’ve heard of boyfriend jeans and I have one great pair from Target when went to Melbourne but I didn’t know about girlfriend jeans. I guess the main difference is that this pair is more fitting. However, it’s still very comfy.

mirrou distressed girlfriend jeans

I love the fit of this on me, it’s so comfortable and the best part is that I don’t have to fold the bottom. The length of this pair of jeans are perfect for my height which is rare to find in NZ stores. When I find a good fitting and perfect length jeans, I can’t resist.

I’ve been wearing the grey knit top and jeans so much lately. The jeans have appeared on my Instagram a lot too:

girlfriend jeans ootd outfit

I’ve worn them to the beach, for coffee, for casual Friday and to NZbloggers brunchclub. I love them so much and I wish I got another pair because they were only $40!

Moving on the Kmart, I have two hauls from different trips.

Here’s the first one:

kmart haul coat shoes elf cosmetics australis

I didn’t get too much but my biggest purchase was this camel coat.

kmart haul winter coat

I was unsure about this coat at the start (as per this tweet) but I got it in the end because I knew that finding a camel coat that fitted me for only $45 would be difficult. I like how it has pickets and it isn’t too thick so I can really layer up. The arms were slightly too long and I thought they’d look better folded too. I’ve been wearing this coat to work lately and I love it.

kmart haul red sneakers shoes

I don’t own a pair of Converse sneakers as I’ve never used to like them but since I’m all for comfort now, I’m more open to the idea of lace-up sneakers. I still don’t want to fork out on them though so my alternative is a cheaper pair as I’d only ever wear them on casual days. This red pair was $5! I can’t really complain.

kmart haul elf lip exfoliator australis powder

The two makeup items I picked up were repurchases. I got the e.l.f. cosmetics lip exfoliator and Australis Fresh & Flawless pressed powder. I needed a new lip scrub and this elf lip exfoliator is always sold out on iHerb so I just decided to get it from Kmart. The powder was on sale and this is a backup.

cat meow watch kmart

I also got this awesome cat meow watch from Kmart for $15! If you haven’t seen my latest  cat outfit post, this watch was featured in it. It’s simple but cute and the watch face with the meow and whiskers are rose gold. It’s a great accessory for a cat lover like me.

My other trip to Kmart had a mix of fashion and home stuff:

kmart haul fashion home

Kmart is so good, I can’t leave the store without getting anything and my last trip was no exception.

kmart haul red bag

I got this red braided bag with a chain strap. My sister has a similar bag but in black that she always wear and I wanted it. This bag was on sale for $9 so I didn’t even question it. I can take the chain strap off too and it can be worn as a clutch bag.

kmart haul metal trays

This next is a Kmart addict/blogger favourite. I’ve seen this tray in instagram posts but I’ve never seen it in store until 2 weeks ago. This is a set of 3 metal trays. There’s a big black tray at the bottom and two smaller ones that sit on top. I didn’t really need this but it’s cute.

kmart haul candle snood pyjamas

The last ones above were a candle, a snood, exfoliating gloves and a pair of flannel pyjama bottoms.

I did get a few more things but they’re not as nice in photos such as new duvet covers, a small heater and Turbo’s new awesome cat cave.

I know this haul is quite random but I hope you didn’t mind that I’ve combined these two different stores that I both love. I love sharing my hauls here on the blog and these sure won’t be the last!

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