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Last minute wedding guest outfit

Last Saturday, I was invited to a wedding. It was my first Indian wedding which was quite exciting. However, I wasn’t fully prepared for it and I scrambled for an outfit at the very last minute. I didn’t have a saree so I didn’t dress up traditional but I still really liked this outfit I ended up wearing.

For more of my outfit details and snaps from the wedding, continue below.

When I say I came up with this outfit last minute, I really mean it. Three days before the wedding, I rummaged my closet for something to wear. I struggled so much because I read (thanks Google) that black isn’t that appropriate because Indian weddings are bright and colourful. Most of my dresses are black or too short/revealing which were a no-go.

Then, I found this beaded top I opshopped/thrifted over a year ago:

beaded top thrifted ootn ootd

I this vintage beaded top from the Hospice shop for either no more than $10 and I’ve been wanting to find an occasion to wear it. I love the beading and for something quite old, the stitching and beads are intact. It also had shoulder pads that I cut off.

wedding guest outfit ootn

This top became the focal point of my whole outfit. I struggled to find something to pair it with on the bottom though but thankfully my sister was at my house when I was getting ready and she approved of this bright pink skirt about 15 mins before we had to leave. I tried on a few other bottoms that did not suit the beaded top before it.

beaded top skirt ootd ootn outfit

The skirt is also thrifted but I got it from Savemart. It appeared in this opshop haul last year. I think the bright colour and contrast from the pale blue of the top worked well especially for the type of wedding.

ootn beaded top skirt heels

Although I didn’t wear a saree, I didn’t feel too out of place and I loved the combination.

ootn nude heels outfit ootd

I kept my footwear simple with this pair of nude heels from Rubi shoes.

wedding guest outfit beaded top heels skirt

Here’s the back. The top has a zip almost all the way down but it is fully beaded. The skirt also has a zip but most of it was covered by the top anyway.

beaded thrifted top ootd ootn

Just look at that beading. I love the details. This top has some weight to it too and it’s good quality. It was definitely a great thrift find of mine.

For accessories, I knew the more the better. The women at Indian weddings have bangles all up to your elbows but unfortunately, I don’t even have a lot of bracelets. Most bangles are too big for me so I only have around 5 in my collection.

I managed to find two that worked well though. I warn you that the close-up photos below shows how cold I was when I took these blog photos. It was about to rain and it was freezing outside! I took these photos a day after the wedding but I actually wasn’t cold during the actual wedding.

beaded top thrifted jewellery rings bangle

The first one was this Karen Walker Daisy Bangle as the colour perfectly matched my skirt.

beaded top rings bangles jewellery ootn ootd

The other one is a Swarovski bracelet my Mum gave me which perfectly matched the colour of my top and it was also sparkly.

ootd ootd jewellery rings bangle beaded top

I could’ve piled on the rings but I ran out of time so I ended up wearing two in each hand. All of my rings are from Lovisa. Three of them I got from Melbourne and appeared in this haul.

I painted my nails gold too which is Revlon’s Gel Envy nail polish in Double Down.

beaded thrifted top skirt jewellery ootd ootn

If I get invited to another Indian wedding, I will try to be traditional next time as I would love to dress up in a colourful and sparkly saree but I was still pretty happy with my outfit choice.

I didn’t get proper photos of my makeup except for my phone but I kept it pretty simple too since I ran out of time.


My lipstick is Revlon’s Wild Orchid to match my skirt. I also used Eye of Horus’s copper liquid metal liner on my lids.

Before I end this post, here’s a few snaps from the wedding. I had a great time and it was so interesting to see the rituals and traditions in an Indian wedding. The bride was absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen so much sparkles in a room and I loved all the details.

indian wedding

I didn’t take a lot of photos and I also forgot to take a photo with the bf who also came with me. It was his first time attending an Indian wedding too and we were both fascinated by it.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you liked it and let me know what you think!

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